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Simply Suet: Available Now At Tennessee Nursery, At Quality

Simply Suet: Available Now At Tennessee Nursery, At Quality

Posted by Tammy Sons on 27th Jan 2016

You've probably put out bird seed before. Have you ever tried bird suet?

It's a product you can either buy at the store or mix up yourself at home. For the home version, melt a fat that will harden at room temperature, such as lard. When it has slightly cooled, but not enough to harden, you can add a variety of bird goodies. Try seeds, berries, raisins, nuts, oats or other things they might enjoy.

You can pour it into an old margarine container, stick it in the freezer for a quick set, then pull it back out. It should pop right out. If not, you can simply cut the margarine container away. There are special holders you can buy at the store for suet, or you can hang it in the tree in a bag with holes like oranges come in or even simply toss on the ground if you have an area where birds frequent. Due to the fat content, though, it may draw dogs if left on the ground to be aware of that. Look for the bird foot violet in our plant nursery. 

Source of Information on How to make Suet for Birds