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Reviews for Tn Nursery: Our Reputation Is Perfectly Flawless

Reviews for Tn Nursery: Our Reputation Is Perfectly Flawless

Posted by Tammy Sons on Jan 27 , 2016

Customer Reviews for Tn Nursery

  • It doesn’t matter where you want to plant a small flower bed or garden, TN Nursery has something for you and your space such as perennials, groundcovers or water plants! I just love them!
    Tom Sharpe, Gastonia
    I just ordered one peach tree, and I am well pleased. It arrived promptly and was an excellent large size as described. This was my first order with this company.
    PBK – Charlotte, NC
    Thanks, TN Nursery for such excellent service.......received my trees and they were in excellent shape, sturdy stock, lots of roots and very healthy........would recommend your company to anyone looking for fruit trees.
    John W Smith, Kentucky
    I ordered 2 Pear Trees from this company, and I was so impressed with the quality and service I immediately placed a larger order. Large healthy trees with good root systems. Well packaged and quickly shipped. Bravo!
    Jane Malloy, Lexington NC
    I love getting my family and friends gift certificates from TN Nursery, not sure who gets happier at the holidays and birthdays, me or them?
    LJK – Fayetteville
    Always delighted with TN Nursery. Their shipping prices are very reasonable, their quality of plants are excellent, and I am still very pleased with my orders from here.
    Housemomof4 – LA
    Bottom Line – Can’t say anything bad about TN Nursery!
    Kelly Johnson, MS
    Ordered hosta’s from here, and they couldn’t look better, they are thriving and doing well…can’t wait to order some more!
    My first order with TN Nursery arrived right on time in excellent condition and excellent quality. One plant was accidentally omitted from the order. After a quick phone call, all was good, and the new plant arrived in two days! -Doesn't get any better than that! – Thanks
    Jillian Geter WVA
    Great plants have great root systems. Have had wonderful success with their hostas for years. Last year we started ordering perennials with the same success. Couldn't believe the size of the coral bells we received this year. Can't go wrong with TN Nursery
    As a repeat customer, I highly recommend them!
    Cayla K. TX
    I can't praise this company enough! Great selection, fulfillment was fast, shipping was fast, and the plants are wonderful! Not a droopy or wilted leaf among them - roots are perfect and moist.
    June Gardening, SC
    One of my very favorite mail order plant sources. The plants are large and healthy, extremely fast shipping and great customer service. One of the best around.
    I ordered 10 Alumroot plants from TN Nursery, and they were delivered in excellent condition… Thank you!
    David Ramsey
    Excellent choice of plants online
    Sarah Jones
    Placing orders with TN Nursery is very easy, and plants are great
    Wonderful plants received from TN Nursery.Thank you so much
    Martin Lawrence
    TN Nursery is very professional in handling customer queries
    Deborah Johnson
    I'm impressed with the kind of service TN Nursery provides…will order more plants.
    Adam Peterson
    Great varieties are available with TN Nursery.I like the Perennials most
    Peter Smith
    I was looking for good quality trees for my garden. Tn nursery has amazing plants to choose from.
    Mark Williams
    We placed a huge order with TN Nursery, and the plants were very affordable.
    I was searching for online nursery and finally stopped at tnnursery.net, they offer great prices and deliver plants to your doorstep.
    Jack Sanders
    Just received my Hosta plants from TN nursery in good condition.
    Peter Brown
    Hassle free shopping with TN nursery and a great website
    Steve Shandon
    TN Nursery has a very user-friendly website. I find it very convenient to place orders through them.
    Susan Carter
    Tn Nursery is the best source for bulk ordering. I bought some amazing groundcovers for my garden.
    George Evans
    Impressed with the quality of plants and prices.
    I have been buying plants from TN nursery for a very long time. They are very professional and charge reasonable rates.
    TN nursery helped me set up my small backyard nursery. I ordered all my plants from them they were very affordable
    Kenneth Jackson
    I ordered plants for my daughter from TN nursery; they delivered the plants to her address without me having to worry about them at all.
    Robert Brown
    Being a gardening enthusiast, I keep buying plants for my garden TN Nursery is my one stop shop where I can find everything from ferns to trees, perennials, native grasses, etc.
    Donald Thompson
    I have trusted TN nursery with all my landscaping needs, and they always meet my expectations.
    David Taylor
    Delighted to have ordered from TN Nursery as they offer great prices and varieties to choose from.
    Robert Wilson
    My local nursery did not give me as many choices as TN wholesale nursery. Now I always use TN nursery for all my orders
    Paul Moore
    Tn nursery offers some wonderful native plants; I would recommend it to everyone as they offer interesting plants.
    Jason Baker
    I was looking for some native ornamental grasses for my backyard and found numerous options on tnnursery.net
    Kimberly Hall
    TN nursery provided me with free shipping on my order, and their prices are also very reasonable.Very impressed with them.
    Laura Evans
    Tn Nursery has a very informative website, and they have useful info about various plants and trees that help to choose the plants.
    Betty Edwards
    If you are looking for decent plants at best prices, then I would recommend TN nursery as I had a wonderful experience.
    Helen Nelson
    I used to purchase plants from a retail store, but recently my friend recommended Tn nursery.They indeed are very competitive.
    Kevin Young
    I had a wonderful experience dealing with Tammy from Tn nursery…Keep up the good work :)
    Amanda Smith
    I ordered 50 plants for my shade garden, and each one of them was healthy and of great quality.
    Lisa Wright
    I love to nursery's website as it has loads of information about plants.
    Ronald Hernandez
    My husband ordered plants online for the first time from the nursery. I was skeptical about it. However, TN nursery has won us over.
    Jennifer White
    I like the service from TN nursery.
    Great customer service and great plants.
    Richard Moore
    Will always buy from TN nursery as they are reliable
    Linda Hill
    I ordered flowering dogwoods for my yard, and I am very happy with what I have received.
    Karen Turner
    Extremely satisfied with the quality of plants and trees.
    Margaret Walker
    Anyone can place orders easily on TN nursery as the website is very easy to navigate
    Donna Miller
    I will keep coming back to TN nursery for their unbeatable prices.
    Sharon T. Campbell
    I have a large property, and I was looking for some good plants for hedging. Found some amazing varieties of TN nursery at wholesale prices.
    Anthony Clark
    You'll get what you pay for. In fact, you'll be amazed by the quality and prices offered by TN nursery
    Patricia Green
    Great Experience buying from TN nursery
    Sarah Phillips

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