Oxeye Daisy is an Import Plant From Europe

Posted by Tammy Sons on 26th Jan 2016

By Tammy Sons

Oxeye Daisy

The oxeye daisy was actually brought to the United States from Europe. Its scientific name is Chrysanthemum Leucanthemum. It has a beautiful flower, although farmers are not particularly fond of this plant. It is almost impossible for a farmer to rid his fields of this plant due to the fact that it is resistant to many chemicals used to kill other weeds. Cows and pigs don’t like to eat it either. In Europe, the oxeye daisy can actually cost farmers money, as they have to pay taxes for having this plant in their fields. However, several states in the United States use this hardy plant to plant along the sides of their highways, simply for its beauty. The oxeye daisy is a very popular plant and is used in many gardens, for planting in meadows and large areas. Some people even prefer to use this plant in a natural area or rock garden. If used in this way, it must be noted that this plant is very prolific, producing thousands of seeds and can be difficult to control. Certain people may be allergic to daisies and may develop some allergic reactions from rashes to sneezing. This plant can be eaten; however, it can have somewhat of a bitter taste. Some Native Americans used this plant for treatments of colds, coughs, respiratory problems, fevers, muscle spasms, and even as a treatment on the skin for burns and inflammation. However, there are no accurate studies that can truly prove that the oxeye daisy has any qualities that would actually be of benefit to any of these medical problems.