Moss Makes a Great Ground Cover for Shade

Posted by Tammy Sons on 21st Aug 2017

When you have a shady yard with little sun it harder to have an attractive garden. Still moss is a shade plants and can make some areas of the lawn or yard look extra special. Sheet moss is a plant that thrives in shade and partial sunlight.

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Sheet moss is easy to transplant in your yard or around the garden. This unique plant is great for between stepping stone, patio stones, and anywhere where you walk. It makes the walkways more decorative and ornate. It is suitable for shady gardens with low growing plants and wild flowers. It looks good near fountains and patio areas.

When planted carpet moss needs to be watered regularly. This type solves your problem of finding a ground cover for pathways or shady areas. There are many types of shady areas that it adds a nice highlights to a shade garden. Cushion type sphagnum looks good around trees or bushes or as a border. It is light green with silvery cast and shipped in small round clumps. It thrives in sandy soil.

Another type of sphagnum rock cap grows on top of rocks and boulders in nature. It is green, dense, and transplants very well into shady gardens or on rocks. It needs shade because this type can burn from too much sun. It is suited to shady rock gardens and survives well in many conditions. It adds color and beauty to any outdoor rock garden.

Many Japanese rock gardens use rock cap moss in them for serenity and beauty. You can design and create your own Japanese rock garden using rock cap on the stone. Ferns are another shade plant that go well in shady gardens and along borders. Often ferns complement different types of shade plants. Some ferns stay green all winter and do best in woods and partial shade.

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Carpet moss has no roots and obtains its nutrients from the air. It needs shade, acidic soil, and moisture to grow well. When planting you should clear the area of other plants that would get in the way of the growth. It does well in poor quality soil It is a sturdy plant that needs little nutrients no mowing, and no watering once it is established.

This hardy type shade plant is great for those that don't want to spend hours fussing and maintaining. It is an attractive shade garden plant that endures and adds color to your outside living space.