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Indian Horsetail Plants For Your Home Or Your Garden

Indian Horsetail Plants For Your Home Or Your Garden

Posted by Tammy Sons on 2nd Feb 2016

Friday, September 23

Horsetail plants are also called Equisetum. These horsetail plants are of different varieties and are perennial plants. 

They have no photosynthetic leaves and do not have branches on them. They are generally single stem and contain spores which are cone shaped. Some of the commonly found varieties of Horsetail Plants are—

Himalayan Horsetail:

Water Horsetail:

Field Horsetail:

Smooth Horsetail:

There are many other varieties of Horsetail plants like the Giant Horsetail, Marsh Horsetail, Wood Horsetail, Meadow Horsetail etc.

Smooth Horsetails are scientifically known as Equisetum Laevigatum. These plants have an active growth period during the spring season and have green foliage. They can grow up to a height of 5 feet and stand erect. Smooth horsetail plant have smooth stem and pointed cones which are approximately 1 inch in length. The leaves are tiny and scale-like. The Field Horsetail plants are also known as Equisetum Arvense. They grow rapidly during the spring season and are a common garden weed. The leaves have the shape of a bottle brush and are green in color. These leaves are poisonous for animals and have a coarse texture. They can grow in soil containing a pH level of 4.0-7.0.The Water Horsetail plants have an active growing period during the spring and summer time. They have green foliage and have a fine texture. They grow rapidly and stand erect. Generally soil of pH level 4.5-6.0 is preferred however, they are adaptable to fine and well as coarse soil. This plant has been found to grow at a temperature as low as -33 °F. They grow up to a height of 30-100 cm. The Himalayan Horsetail plant grows about 10-15 inches in height and has a shiny stem which is brown in color. This plant is perennial and likes to be exposed to full sunlight. They have green foliage and a smooth texture. The Himalayan Horsetail is native species of the Himalayan region and is found from India to Burma across the Himalayan range. It is also commonly found in China, Vietnam and Thailand.

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