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​Hedwigia Moss: Reaching New Levels Of Height And Density

​Hedwigia Moss: Reaching New Levels Of Height And Density

Posted by Tammy Sons on Mar 21 , 2018

Hedwigia Moss – Hedwigia ciliata

Hedwigia moss grows through underground rhizoids, can reach up to a foot in growth, and forms mats with dense, erect leaves. It features dark green growth with clear, long tips and has a stringy appearance and distinctive capsules. When the moss is dry, it appears brittle and fibrous and tends to pull its leaves tightly toward its central stem. As a result, this type moss loses its full appearance during this dry period. The fruiting parts of the moss are orange but are difficult to see as they are positioned deep under the moss' short stems and leaves. The Hedwig moss' natural habitat tends to be on dry, giant boulders, in open wooded areas, in pastures or along roadsides. It is found all over the world. The Hedwigia moss was named after Johannes Hedwig, who wrote a book in 1801 that is known as the starting point for moss nomenclature. It also served as a professor of botany at the University of Leipzig in Germany. 

Hedwigia Moss- Ships In Sheets 12"+

This moss is asphalt-tolerant and grows easily on various soil types and rocks. It moss can grow in full sun to full shade and thrives in sandy, clay or well-drained soils. It grows well in zones three to nine. Homeowners often select this moss for "green" roofs and sustainable landscapes. For gardeners, the  moss is easy to grow and maintain and requires no fertilizers. It can also help reduce air pollution near the home. Since they need very little water, Hedwig moss gives homeowners the benefits of a green landscape while conserving water as well. This moss can help control erosion, successfully filter rainwater and serve as a carbon repository in any aspect. When moss arrives, it should be kept moist and outside until it is ready for installation.

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