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You Need Just The Right Soil For Those Picky Trees

You Need Just The Right Soil For Those Picky Trees

Posted by Tammy Sons on Feb 02 , 2016

Monday, April 4

Finding A Tree For Poor Soils

Some trees are fairly picky, needing just the right soil and temperature. Others are more laid back and will do fine in almost any soil. 

Others are in a third category. They have a definite preference, but are tolerant of your mistakes and are forgiving of poor soils.

The butternut tree belongs to the last category. It has yellow buds in the winter time which make it quite striking. Though it's closely related to the pecan, the nuts are not used by humans. Instead, you can leave them for decoration or use by wildlife. The wood brings a nice flavor when used for smoking meat. Though it prefers a moist soil, Carya cordiformis or butternut will also tolerate a dry or poor one as well. Find it in our tree nursery.

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