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Decorating With Fresh Flowers Is A Great Crafting Idea

Decorating With Fresh Flowers Is A Great Crafting Idea

Posted by Tammy Sons on 27th Jan 2016

Here are a few ideas for decorating your home using fresh cut flowers.

Fresh Cut flowers are great for adding that extra touch of elegance to a room.

Use vintage glass such as bottles and mason jars for a container of sweet flowers.

Cut the tops off of the flowers and float them in pretty bowls for tabletop display.

Put a few flowers in a kitchen glass and then place inside a small basket for a simple look.

Tie a ribbon around a handful of flowers and lay on a silver tray or platter. Let them air dry to extend their beauty.

I love to use old rusty tins and add fresh flowers for an interesting arrangement.

Wrap a wire around the tops of containers and hang your flower bouquets off of doors and walls.

Line single flowers in small glass vases along a window seal for impact.

Use a large lettuce leaf and wrap around a handful of flowers then secure with a piece of raffia around the bundle.

Slice lemons or limes and place in the bottom of a glass jar then add your flowers for a sunny arrangement.

Place a small arrangement beside your bed so when you wake up, it is the first thing you see in the mornings.

You can find wonderful flowers to plant and use in these decorations at your garden center.

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