Balled B&B Tree Information

Posted by Tammy Sons on 26th Jan 2016

By Tammy Sons

Large Tree Information

We have one section of large trees. These are Machine Dug with wire baskets, calleed B&B Or Balled and Burlapped Trees & Shrubs. These trees can not be handled (over 1" caliper) without heavy machinery. They are 400 Lbs plus in weight per tree. You must have machine augers, and skid steers to unload these trees.

Shipping Large Trees

These B&B Trees must be put on large flatbed semis.Shipping is the same whether you order a full load (see how many trees will fit per truck to see if it's feesable) or 10 trees due to shipping charges being on a "per mile" basis.


Customer Must Obtain Their Quote and Choose Their Own Freight Company.

There's lot of independant freight companies you can call for a freight quote. We do not recommend any but C&W Trucking (931-692-3798). They are local, know what they are doing and good at it. You can choose anyone you want. Call them and get your freight rate and work out the payment with them and give us a call to let us know who your using and we will load them . Please have carrier call us 24 hour ahead of time to schedule a time. We load between the hours of 8- 2 pm daily.

You can also get a close estimate by going to and type in your zip and our FOB loading zip 37301 and get the mileage. The average rate is $2.70 per mile. You can get an estimate also without calling but make the call prior to finalizing order to be sure.

Loading Your Stock For Delivery After Orders Are Placed

We will dig your stock within 10 days after orders are finalized and prepaid. We load for free and tarp securely for superior protection.

How We Prepare Our Trees For Shipping

All trees are hand graded and speciman quality. If they are crooked or swayed, we will not dig them.We use trunl wraps prior to digging to keep our heavy equipment from damaging the trunks, we dig root ball sizes that's recommended by the American Nurseryman Standards, and Secure the root balls with concave heavy duty wire baskets.We also tie the tops super tight and secure prior to loading. These steps protects the tops,tunks and root balls.

Estimate of How May Trees Will Fit on a Semi

Estimate of How Many Trees Will Fit On A Trailer Load

Below is a schedule estimate of how many trees will fit per load-Delivery is based per mile,so order full loads to save money.We can not gurantee a certain amount per load, if you order more than we can fit on a truck and they are pre- dug, it's buyer's responsibility to pickup so order a few less in case they all wont load on the truck.

Evergreen Trees are more bulky than dicidious, so please take this into consideration also when ordering full loads and order a few less

Tree Size Est. Per Semi
5 - 6 feet -3/4" caliper
6 -8 feet 3/4"-1" Caliper
1 inch caliper
2 inch caliper
3 inch caliper

Here's Pics of Our Large B&B Trees