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Why are Christmas Ferns so popular? Christmas Ferns are so favorite because they make a great gift, but why? Christmas Ferns are one of the only types of ferns that keep their green foliage all winter long. The Christmas fern makes a great home to butterfly larvae because they can keep their foliage.

The Christmas Fern makes a great plant or addition to your yard or in your landscape during the winter months because it can withstand the colder temperatures, so it still can add greenery to your gardens or flowerbeds.

Christmas Ferns grow well in both moist wooded areas and dry areas such as ravines and riverbanks. The dense and thick crown will sprout new growth or "fiddleheads" in the spring. The ferns prefer and do best in partial shade but can tolerate a fair amount of direct sun as well. The ferns that do well in full sun need more maintenance which requires wetter soil or monitoring the soil more frequently to ensure it is wet.

Christmas ferns can be spread and moved by separating the plants at their roots, such as Hosta or other root plants. By breaking the roots into clumps and replanting them, the plants need to be replanted just below the soil's surface to guarantee their best re-growth possible.

Christmas ferns and other types of ferns are one type of plant that you never have to worry about when it comes to pests and animals destroying them. So when it comes to getting someone who loves plants a great Christmas present, why not get them a Christmas fern? Christmas Ferns can be purchased at a great affordable price from TN Nursery from their online website.

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