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Fern Plants

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Fern Plants - The Perfect Plant For Borders & Shade

Ferns are known as Pteridophytes live and evolve in wilderness areas. As pteridophytes, fern plants are also classified as tracheophytes. Most of the tracheophytes reproduce from seeds, but not Ferns. This Pteridophytes reproduce with spores and live well in most zones and soil types. There are over 253 species of ferns.

Ferns are among a unique garden plant and one of the most ancient

While they're often pictured in rain forests, ferns can also grow happily in desert canyons and be deciduous or evergreen, depending on the climate. Ferns are especially useful in landscaping as many can withstand blistering cold winters as well as intense summer heat for the year-round collar. If you're looking for low-maintenance landscaping ideas or want to fill out space in a garden or beneath a tree, look no further than these graceful plants. Ferns may not flower with a brilliant pop of color, but they offer significant variation in texture, color, form, and height. The ways to use ferns in landscaping are seemingly endless: they can be used as background plants, specimen plants, in groupings, or as a groundcover. They can also make excellent anchors for a shade garden by adding structure and foliage that lasts throughout the season.

Ferns can even be inter-planted with nearly all other perennials


 They pair very well with many plants and will not overgrow as many other plants will. They subtly also ensure they will not clash with more vibrant flowers but instead draw the eye to these accents.

Christmas ferns, Chain Ferns & Cinnamon Ferns are best sellers

No matter your landscaping needs, there is likely a fern that is ready to fill the space. Some ferns work well as the ground cover with a spreading habit to create a bright green carpet between tall flowering plants, such as the oak fern or the beech fern, which boasts soft grey-green-blue fronds. Others work best to accent flowering plants without detracting from or clashing with them. Of course, their most significant use for many is as shade landscaping to fill shady areas in which nothing else grows. Keep in mind most ferns love moist, warm climates in zones 5-9, although some species are hardy to zone 11. If you live in colder weather, be sure to select cold fern species. There are also species that tolerate low moisture conditions. Tn Nursery ships our fern plants to all states. Buy quality fern plants for sale here.

Top Selling Fern Plants

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