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Ferns For Pennsylvania

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We love providing your state with the most beautiful and diverse ferns because of how much positive feedback we receive from your state. We offer a vast variety of ferns to this state because you are a valued state to our company and we hope that you enjoy the types that we offer. If you are one of those delighted customers, please take the time at the point of check out to leave us a comment and let us know how we can better our company to accommodate to you personally. 

Ferns For Pennsylvania are easy to grow and maintain

They are more resistant to disease, drought, and insects, and help to retain the soil quality. Below are a few kinds of planting. Maidenhair Ferns are light green with leaves that are light and feathery. They are easy to grow in indirect sun and moist areas of the garden. The fern grows well with other plants, alone, as a ground cover, or in a container. 

Ferns for Pennsylvania grow well in well-drained soil

It is also called a five-finger fern because its fronds resemble fingers that are supported on black to brown stems. It grows well in the shade in well-drained soil or slightly acidic soil. Keep it moist but do not over water it. It grows about 3" in height. It makes a decorative addition to decks and patios. Maidenhair ferns can be grown in inside in container. 

Lady Ferns are known as woodland ferns that vary in size. It is a decorative plant with frilly leaves with an intricate design. It grows well in zones 4-8 in partial shade. It grows 24 to 36" in height and 12-30" in width. They do well in well-drained loamy, moist soil. Water it regularly when planting. They go well in shade gardens, near ponds, and streams. 

The Wood Fern is an upright fern that often turns red or pink in the spring. The leaves change to bright green as the season changes. They grow in hardiness zones 5-8. They thrive well in moist well-drained soil. The ferns grow well in shade or partial sun. When growing to keep moist otherwise, they need little care. 

They add beautiful color and texture to gardens in the woods or shade gardens. The plant has no diseases or insect problems. It grows well near water gardens, ponds, and streams. They grow to a height of 1-20' and 1-10' high. It becomes well in containers too.

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