NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

Exotic Native Perennial Plants

Plants can help your yard, and the home has an attractive appearance. Well-manicured shrubbery and a maintained lawn can add to that effect. A home needs flower beds to spread a little color in what would otherwise be a sea of green to stand out truly. Choosing to use perennial plants for your decorative needs means that you will only have to plant them once, and they will return year after year. That will leave you with only maintenance tasks when it comes to your flower beds. And many different perennials are native to the country yet still exotic when it comes to decorating your yard. Let's look at a few that are especially well suited to bring beauty into your life.

Bird's Foot Violet

For a low-level splash of color, the bird's foot violet is a perfect choice. This hardy little plant only grows to three inches and is topped by a lovely violet flower with an orange center. The distinctive shape of its leaves gives it its name. The flower prefers dryer soil and grows best in direct sunlight. It seeds itself readily, helping to spread its beauty of an ever-widening area.

birdsfoot violets


The sight of the white flowers of the bloodroot is usually one of the surest signs of spring. Blooming from March to May every year, the easy to care for the plant will be a welcome addition to your garden. The plant grows from a shallow root rhizome that will branch and spread this lovely harbinger of warmer days.

Cardinal Flower

If you enjoy watching hummingbirds in your yard, this could be the plant you have been searching for. Its bright red flowers grow along with a two to three-inch spike at the three- and four-foot-tall, dark green plant tops. It is the perfect plant along your fence line; It enjoys moist soil and full to partial sunlight. You will love the spectacle during the heat of a summer day.

Blue Lobelia

This plant is similar in appearance to the cardinal flower, being only a little shorter and bearing brilliant blue flowers in the late summer. It is more suited to a moist or damp environment making it perfect for stream banks and the edges of wetlands. The plant grows well in all types of light, including the full shade of wooded yards.

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