Evergreen Trees

Evergreen Conifers Offer Year Round Beauty and Elegance

Evergreen conifers offer year-round lush and green beauty. They work excellently for living fence substitutes, windbreaks, and noise reducers. Evergreens are perfect for privacy due to them not being deciduous and never losing their foliage.

Tn Nurseries Best Selling Evergreens

1. Loblolly Pine

2. Eastern Red Cedar

3 Virginia Pines

4. Pitch Pine


 Evergreen Conifer Advantages


Evergreen trees are excellent for creating a living fence wall, borders, or privacy. They also work well in creating a surreal look in landscaping or year-round greenery. 

 Evergreens reduce noise, light, and sounds from busy streets. If you live near a busy intersection, evergreens are the perfect plant to use.



 Top Selling Evergreen Conifers Includes:


 Loblolly Pine, Virginia Pine, Pitch Pine, Eastern Cedar, and the Shortleaf Pine. Each one is a unique look that can work in different environments. 


Characteristics of Evergreen Conifers

  • Grow in Harsh Conditions


There is frequently a deficiency of nutrients in locations that experience cold or dry periods, but they can adapt to harsh conditions.


  • Tolerate Nutrient Deficiency


Deciduous trees need a lot of nutrients while they produce new foliage in the spring, but that is not the case with these trees. They don't require as much since they don't give out enough energy at once. Because these trees don't develop all of the foliage at once. As a result, they can often withstand a harsh season that a deciduous tree would not be able to.


  • Insulated Leaves


The leaves of the plants have insulation layering. This keeps them protected against different conditions, and thus they survive for a long time in forests and gardens.


  • Dead Leaves as Organic Mulch


The nutrient-rich leaves work as natural mulch, protecting the tree's roots after falling. This mulch prevents other vegetation from leaching nutrients and moisture from the soil, enabling the tree to take advantage of all available supplies.


  • Beauty


Although they lack the beauty of altering leaves' color, the never-ending greenery of such trees has its charm in the middle of winter, serving as a reminder of life's perseverance.


Evergreen conifers are pleasing to the eye and provide year-round beauty and green.

TN Nursery sells bare root quality evergreen conifers and guarantees every product they sell to grow or replace.