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Evergreen Vines

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Evergreen Vines At Affordable Prices

Evergreen vines have so many uses. They can be used to create a living mulch ground cover, and evergreen climbing vines can be used to hide utility areas and provide additional privacy. We even have a range of evergreen vines with flowers that will add a splash of vibrant color to your garden. And with prices starting at $4.99, you can’t go wrong.

Evergreen climbing vines

Have you got an ugly space you want to hide? Perhaps you don’t want your compost area to be visible. Or have you got nosey neighbors you want to protect from?

If that resonates, then evergreen climbing vines are for you. Just provide some support, say a trellis, and plant your new evergreen climbing vine at the base, then watch as the plant fills the support, quickly creating an attractive screen.

Fast-growing evergreen vines
If you want an evergreen vine that will rapidly fill an area, then English ivy is a fantastic choice as it’s one of the fastest growing evergreen vines.

Buy English ivy from only $4.99

If you’d prefer a fast-growing evergreen vine that also produces colorful flowers, then the periwinkle vine is a great choice. We’ve got standard periwinkle plants, vinca minor periwinkle, and more magnificent periwinkle plants, all at $4.99 each.

Evergreen vines with flowers
And speaking of flowering evergreen vines, the periwinkle isn’t your only choice. We’ve got a vast range of evergreen plants with flowers in several colors including the lovely, pink Mayflower.

Evergreen vines for your zone

Because we source planting stock from across the country, we sell evergreen vines to suit almost every US hardiness zone. Our evergreen vines will thrive down to region three and up to area 10.

So if you want to grab a huge deal on evergreen vines, we have a vast range of fast-growing evergreen vines, evergreen climbing vines, evergreen vines with flowers and pretty much everything in between. Buy yours now from just $4.99.