Evergreen Conifers For Zone 3

Gardening with Conifers

Laying out conifers properly in a garden is an important step in garden design. These plants tend to define the basic structure of a garden and give it a sort of backbone. This is in part because they not only remain season after season but also their appearance doesn't change significantly with the seasons.

Conifers provide a highly versatile item to the gardener because they come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. These plants can be acquired in a rounded, weeping, angular, irregular, narrow and upright, or low to the ground form, and they can also be pruned to display a certain shape or structure.

This evergreen plant brings an aspect of sculpture to the garden because it can be manipulated and laid out to achieve so many different design concepts. Each of these plants should be looked at individually before being brought into the larger picture of the garden as a whole. Each plant can bring a certain geometric aspect into the garden, and these plants are perfect for providing contrast and variety in plant forms within a garden.

Once you're sure exactly where you are going to place your conifers within your garden, you should familiarize yourself with the best techniques for planting these evergreen accents. It is best to plant when the upper part of the soil is moist, and the air temperature is cool. Add some compost or fertilizer when you place something new in your garden to nourish it as it takes root in the area. Be careful to plant your evergreen plants at the right depth and tamp the soil in around them. Keep an eye on these new arrivals until you're certain that they have become thoroughly rooted in the soil.