Compost Mulch

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Compost Mulch 1-gallon bag

Compost mulch 1-gallon bag is a good mulch and is full of nutrients and minerals that all soils need. This mulch helps bring tired and worn out soils back to life and gets them ready to have plants, shrubs, and trees added to them on a lawn or landscape. This is also an excellent mulch for vegetable gardens. Compost mulch helps keep moisture around the roots of plants and helps them to grow and become very healthy and beautiful. This mulch works excellent in flowers gardens and also in natural areas. It is available for purchase from online nurseries and is shipped in one-gallon bags. This mulch is ready to be used by all homeowners or landscapers as soon as it is received. It is also very affordable for everyone. This is a good way to help soil wake up from long winter months and get them ready for planting during the spring and summer.

Compost Mulch Benefits In Gardening

Compost comes with it a number of benefits. Not just is home compost a money saving opportunity as it comes from kitchen water and other items, but it reduces the environmental impact of purchasing plastic containers of mulch from the grocery store. 

Beyond the monetary savings compost, mulch provides the pocketbook, it also offers a number of benefits to a garden. The decomposing compost offers an abundance of nutrients. The nutrients are not released at once into the soil and root systems of a garden but over time. Rain runs through the compost mulch, letting out small amounts of carbon and nitrogen, which improves the quality of the soil at the same time delivering more nutrients to the roots of all plants within the garden as well. 

Compost mulch may also help insulate plants during the winter months. This is especially important for younger plants during not only the long winter months but during the early spring months as well.