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Vines Can Serve Multiple Uses in Your Landscaping

Vines are an excellent way to add soil stabilization, weed control, and beauty to your property. TN Nursery proudly offers over a dozen native vines and groundcover plants that our customers find easy to plant and care for, hardy, tolerant of many conditions, and beautiful. Some even bear edible fruit for you to enjoy nourishment.

Do you have a steep hillside that you can not get lawnmowers or weed eaters on to maintain? Plant ground cover vines and aodrn it with seasonal blooms or plant evergreen vines for year-round weed and grass control plus added beauty.

We carry vines that suit many temperature conditions. Suppose you can't remember your growing zone, no problem. Our website uses geolocation technology to display the best plants to suit your area as you shop.

TN Nursery is a leading retail and wholesale nursery provider. We have served the public's plant needs for over half a century. That's the kind of experience that allows us to produce the most vigorous and gorgeous plants you'll find online.

TN Nursery Customer-Favorite Vines

Here are a few available options that our customers love:

  • Trumpet Vines - Zones 4 through 9: Trumpet vines have dark, glossy green leaves. They bear stunning coral or orange trumpet-shaped flowers that give them their name. Hummingbird lovers often include this in their gardens, as the tiny birds cannot resist the lure of the vibrant color and trumpet-shaped blossom. Most gardeners love to grow this sun-loving species to climb tall and cover an unsightly view. However, it can also creep along the ground and be a fast-growing ground cover.
  • Concord Grape Vines - Zones 4 through 9: Concord grapes are a good-natured species that are delicious and sweet and showy in full sun to a lightly shaded garden. The leaves are emerald, with a large and form a large triangle shape. The deep navy or purple grapes form generously-sized clusters.
  • English Ivy Vine - Zones 4 through 8: English ivy is a gardening classic. It is a climbing vines that can reach twenty feet high and spread across large areas of partial sun or shade to form a dense, easy-growing ground cover. It has bright green, triangular, multi-lobed leaves that are beloved in a cottage garden setting.
  • Virginia Creeper Vine - Zones 3 through 9: The Virginia Creeper is a go-to option when you create a privacy screen--and you need something that grows fast, reaching between thirty to fifty feet at maturity. This full-sun, practically carefree species can climb or crawl on the ground and look gorgeous while it does so! The leaves are soft green and turn flame-red in the fall.

TN Nursery Is Your Source for Vigorous Vines

TN Nursery digs your order fresh every time. Our bare-root plants will arrive dormant but perfectly healthy. We are confident you will love the quality and become a return customer. Please chat if you have any questions as you browse our offerings.



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