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Blue Flag Iris
Blue Flag Iris
tall phlox
Tall Annual Phlox
Tall Phlox Tall phlox (Phlox paniculata) is a flowering plant commonly grown in gardens and landscapes. It is known for its tall, upright growth habit, which can reach heights of up to 4 feet (1.2 meters) or more. The plant produces clusters of fragrant, colorful flowers and blooms ranging from pink, purple, white, and red. The flowers are held on long stems that rise above the foliage, creating a showy display. Tall phlox prefers full sun to partial shade and well-drained soil. It is generally easy to grow and maintain but may require staking to keep tall stems upright in windy conditions. It also benefits from regular watering during dry periods and occasional fertilization with a balanced fertilizer. Tall phlox is famous for cottage gardens, borders, and cut flower arrangements. It attracts pollinators such as butterflies and hummingbirds to the garden, making it an excellent choice for wildlife enthusiasts. Tall Annual Phlox: The tall phlox plants you will receive when you order from TN Nursery are second to none and add height, texture, and color to anywhere in the garden that needs a touch of classic elegance.  Tall Annual Phlox paniculata Is a Native Species Thrives Throughout Most of the United States. The Phlox paniculata plant is native to North America. It grows naturally throughout most of the country, from New England to the south and westernmost states. New World settlers noted the species shortly after landing on the continent. Philadelphia nurseryman John Bartram reported sending specimens back to England in 1737.  Phlox paniculata grows in moist woodlands, fields, and lightly shaded riverbanks. It is a hardy, easy-care perennial that will delight you for many years. The Elegant Look of Tall Phlox Pairs Well With Other Species Tall phlox deserves a spot in the back row of a border garden. Indeed, the three- to four-foot height makes it perfect for mixing it into the border with your other specimens.  But don't stop there--let your imagination run wild! You can use tall phlox in any full-sun to partial-shade flower beds or gardens.  Those leggy stems are charming as a cut flower tucked into a sweet tabletop arrangement. Tall Phlox Displays Elegant Flowers Phlox paniculata flowers are about one inch in diameter, fragrant, and borne in panicles that cluster around the stem. Flowers are white, various shades of pink, or light purple. The centers of the blooms are pale yellow to white. Tall phlox blooming season starts in early summer and can run through September in some growing zones. You can expect blooms to show their colors for approximately six weeks. The Phlox paniculata plant grows erect, seemingly reaching for the sun. The leaves have tiny peach fuzz hairs, and the stems are upright. The upper stem looks tall at first glance. But you can rest assured--it is plenty sturdy to hold its own and show off the flowers it supports. Order Tall Phlox from TN Nursery Today TN Nursery prides itself on providing our customers with freshly-dug, healthy plants--you can confidently order your Phlox paniculata. Tall Phlox Plants are Perennial Favorites
Siberian Iris
Siberian iris perennial   The Siberian iris is a native flowering perennial favorite that is hardy and has a bloom that will add life to your garden. Featuring sword-like foliage and vibrant purple-blue petals, this eye-catching flower is sure to brighten up any outdoor space. It's easy to care for and requires minimal maintenance — perfect for busy gardeners who want to enjoy beautiful blooms without spending too much time maintaining them. Bring your outdoor area alive with the gorgeous Siberian iris perennial flower! Enjoy its showy petals and vibrant foliage with minimal upkeep — it's the perfect solution for adding some life to your garden. Today, add a splash of color and life to your outdoor space with a Siberian iris perennial flower! The Siberia Iris is a beautiful, white iris that is a symbol of joy and innocence. Also called the Siberia flower, it is a common sight in gardens and the wild. It grows to 3' tall and can reach a single stem of flowers up to 1' in length. The flower has a sweet but subtle fragrance.  Iris sibirica is one of the most important plants for ornamentals for shade and garden borders, especially for its spectacular show in the spring. The hardy plant does not need extensive culture; even the most frigid winters cannot kill it.  The bulbs are easy to grow and often planted in the fall before the ground freezes or earlier in milder climates before winter sets in. Iris are not frost-hardy, but they will not be killed by frost itself, so they can be planted where other bulbs will be frozen as long as these soils are the Siberian iris is a beautiful deep purple perennial plant that is native to Europe and Asia. It has extended green leaves and a tall stem, which produces navy blue flowers. They can be ordered online at TN Nursery for a low price with fast shipping nationwide.  The Siberian iris is a perennial plant with tall stems and green leaves that produces beautiful violet-blue flowers.  The Siberian iris can be bought online at TN Nursery for a low price with the fastest shipping possible.  This perennial plant has a beautiful white or blue flower that can be bought online for a low price with the best shipping anywhere in the US. Order now! Fantastic summer deal at TN Nursery! Iris sibirica is one of many flowers that can add color to your home. You can have a fresh bouquet year-round in your home or garden with just a few plants. Who doesn't want that? The best part about Iris sibirica is that it's not too hard to care for! They're tough, drought-tolerant, and don't need a lot of sunlight to grow! Join our newsletter to receive coupons, freebies, and more. Give your home or business the beauty and color it deserves with Iris sibirica from TN Nursery today!  Login To TN Nursery Today and Buy Your Siberia Iris Plants Online at Low Grower Prices.
Annual Phlox
Annual Phlox Returns Every Year Annual Phlox is an easy-to-grow and low-maintenance flowering plant that will quickly fill your garden with vibrant colors in shades of pink, blue, white, and purple. Perfect for adding texture and color to beds, borders, rock gardens, and more, this beautiful flower will thrive in warm climates where the blooms last all summer! Make your garden look stunning this season with the lovely perennial phlox! Featuring an abundance of big star-shaped flowers on elegant stems, it can provide a showy display of color that you'll love. This hardy bloomer is both deer and drought resistant, so you won't have to worry about unwanted visitors or extra watering. Create a show-stopping landscape this summer by ordering your perennial phlox today! Annual Phlox: TN Nursery presents the annual Phlox drummondii, a beautiful, fragrant, and deer-resistant flower. The North American native species flourish throughout most of the contiguous United States. Don't let the name confuse you–annual phlox is a self-seeding perennial that will return year after year. On average, garden phlox flowers grow to just under three feet high, making them a beautiful companion in front of shrubs to add a vibrant color. Annual phlox also makes a terrific addition to a rock garden. As if that's not enough, they are showstoppers as cut flowers, prized for bridal bouquets and in tabletop vases.  The plants form in just-right-sized clumps and produce wide, sturdy stems with lovely green leaves. Annual Phlox drummondii Gives You a Kaleidoscope of Color. Annual phlox has colorful flowers in a rainbow of shades. Lovely, five-petal phlox flowers can be white, blue, or lavender-to-pink in range. Indeed, the riotous colors of the annual Phlox drummondii will add a whimsical element of surprise everywhere you plant them. Garden phlox flowers grow on stems with bright, five-petaled blooms that blossom from April to June in most American growing zones.  Besides the showstopping colors, phlox flowers are pleasingly fragrant and attract butterflies, bees, and beneficial garden insects, all excellent for pollination and a healthy ecosystem. Annual phlox resists deer and is easy to care for While deer are lovely to watch, they can wreak havoc on a garden. So, what is your solution? Plant deer-resistant Phlox drummondii. Deer have a keen, finely tuned sense of smell, and they tend to avoid any scent that offends their sensitive noses. Unlike pollinator species that love the smell, deer do not seem to prefer the fragrance of garden phlox. So, while they are not "deer-proof," phlox tend to be "deer-resistant."  Phlox drummondii grows eagerly in a wide range of light exposures, including full sun, shade, and partially shaded spots. They grow in North America's most common soil types and resist diseases like powdery mildew. Annual phlox plants are easy to care for, requiring only water, occasional fertilizing and thinning, and some mulch to help retain moisture and deadheading your spent blossoms.   Annual phlox is available online at TN Nursery.
Blazing Star
Blazing Star
Wild Garlic
Wild Garlic Plant - Allium Vineale Wild Garlic has been around for years, but only recently have they become central to the new culinary world. Wild garlic plants are one of the foundations of French cuisine, and many excellent chefs have begun adding it to just about every dish. Now you can finally grow your wild garlic plants. TN Nursery sells them online! While we'll never be able to supply the world's market demand for Wild Garlic, our Allium Vineale Plant will give you a taste of its unique flavor and combine it beautifully with other vegetables in your garden. Butterflies will love it as well! Grow your very own wild garlic plant today Start using Wild Garlic Plants today to increase your gardening skills and build a nutrient-rich garden. No one should have to live without this nutritious herb anymore! Join the revolution and start growing your supply of wild Garlic today! We are excited to share our knowledge with you and are happy to help you grow a container of wild Garlic in your home garden or a small space. A long-time favorite herb, Wild Garlic has been used for centuries for its intense and delicious flavor and its many health benefits. The plant has been extensively researched for its potent antiviral, antimicrobial, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-cancer benefits. Adding this plant to your dish is tasty and potent! Start your kitchen garden now with a pack of Wild Garlic plants. Looking to buy the happy herb? Look no further than our Wild Garlic Plant! One resilient plant pack will include ten plants with healthy green leaves and a bright yellow flower head. Get started on your kitchen garden today with a pack of Wild Garlic Plants! Take advantage of the opportunity to grow your Garlic this year! The Wild Garlic Plant is a perennial with 200-400 bulbs per square yard. Ideal for cold climates. It's freezing and cold hardy. Order now and have it shipped directly to your doorstep! Establishing a new garden in the spring? Wild Garlic is a perennial that will produce Garlic for 5-6 years and can be used in every dish you make. Order now and transform your kitchen into a gourmet chef's paradise! The Wild Garlic plant is an easy-to-grow perennial that is great for those new to gardening or planting in colder climates. It produces hundreds of bulbs per square yard. Want to add some zest to your next meal? Get your hands on some Wild Garlic plants today by ordering.
White Daffodil
White Daffodils - Plant something special   White daffodil perennials are perfect for that lawn or garden makeover you've been wanting. White is unique and eye-catching, but these perennials proliferate and can last many years with proper care. Plus, the sweet scent of their blooms will fill your outdoor spaces with beauty and fragrance.  Bring a touch of flowers with these beautiful white daffodil perennials. Enjoy an elegant, classic look in your garden or lawn area that can be admired for years. Transform your outdoor space today - get the stunning look of white daffodil perennials now! It's time to plant, and they are in season now! Poeticus Daffodils have a beautifully fragrant cup and are the best variety for late-season blooms. Buy White Flowering Daffodils from TN Nursery today! Are you looking for a daffodil that is well-known for its fragrance? Enter the world of Poeticus daffodils. These large white flowers have flat, cup-shaped petals, typically with a yellow center. There may be one flower per stem, and all varieties are fragrant. Poeticus daffodils bloom in the middle to late part of the season and are long-lasting. Consider planting this well-known variety of daffodils to enjoy its beautiful blooms and fragrance. It can grow in many climates, including cool, warm, and cold weather conditions. They will come back every year because their flowers bloom for weeks. Bring one of these flowers home today to attract pollinators, enrich the air with their strong fragrance, and enjoy the beauty of the blooms in your garden. They are easy to grow and maintain too. Do you spend a lot of time maintaining your garden? Don't you want to focus more on other aspects of your life? With these Poeticus daffodils, we can help. Everyone deserves to enjoy the beauty of daffodils in their garden The White Poeticus daffodils are known for their fragrant blooms, which start at the bottom of the stem and gently release a beautiful aroma. Daffodils are an elegant, eloquent symbol of nature and purity. The Poeticus variety is a versatile bloom that can be planted in your landscape from spring to fall. Order your Poeticus daffodils today and experience the wonderful tradition of planting them in your garden!
Yellow Coneflower
Growing the Yellow Coneflower  Echinacea paradox, also known as the yellow coneflower or Ozark coneflower,  It is a type of purple coneflower named for its unique display of color. This varietal is native to Oklahoma, where Native Americans prized it for its beauty and medicinal qualities. Each daisy-shaped blossom has over a dozen narrow, drooping yellow petals that radiate from a coppery brown cone. With tall stems and long, sword-like, deep green leaves, this perennial is a brightly colored delight proliferating in all soil types. The sweetly scented blossoms are perfect for cutting and add liveliness to a rustic bouquet.  The yellow coneflower is a hardy, self-sowing plant that proliferates in most regions of the continental United States   These flowers make a charming addition to meadows and wildflower or pollinator gardens, and the flowers can thrive in the presence of deer or other animals. The blossoms attract butterflies, hummingbirds, goldfinches, and other pollinators who enjoy feeding on their nectar, pollen, and seed heads.  Echinacea paradoxa grows and flowers best in full sunlight. This drought- and the heat-tolerant plant is easy to care for. It can adapt to many soil types but likes the best to be well-drained, alkaline, or clay soil. The plant generates a long taproot that extends deep into the earth to find water and nourishment. The flowers should be watered enough to moisten these taproots in arid conditions.  The Ozark cornflower peaks in early to mid-summer and continues to bloom as the months progress into fall. Gardeners can deadhead faded flowers to encourage lush and frequent blooming while keeping plants neat. As the weather turns colder, mulching plants can help to insulate them from low temperatures. Plants that take hold in the spring or early summer and establish a robust root system should be able to survive the winter.  Yellow coneflowers can be grown outdoors from seeds planted in the fall   They naturally germinate in cold, moist soil and take a year or two to bloom. Yellow coneflowers can also be grown in well-drained, tall containers. If you fertilize them once a month and give them plenty of suns, these potted plants can grow almost anywhere. However you choose to plant them, these flowers will brighten your day.
Dandelion Plant
Dandelion (Tara Xacum) The dandelion plant, also known as Taraxacum officinale, is a perennial herbaceous plant native to Eurasia and North America. It belongs to the Asteraceae family, which includes other popular plants like sunflowers and daisies. Dandelions are known for their bright yellow flowers and round, fluffy seed heads that disperse in the wind. The plant leaves are also distinctive, with jagged edges and a deep green color. Dandelions are often considered weeds, as they can proliferate and invade lawns and gardens. However, they also have several benefits. The leaves can be eaten raw or cooked and are a good source of vitamins and minerals. The root can be roasted and brewed into a coffee substitute, and the flowers can be used to make wine or added to salads for a pop of color. In traditional medicine, dandelion has been used to treat various conditions, including digestive problems, liver and kidney issues, and skin conditions. Scientific research is ongoing to explore these potential health benefits. Overall, the dandelion plant is versatile and hardy with culinary and medicinal uses. Dandelion, Tara Xacum: Contrary to vicious rumors disparaging their long and revered history, the dandelion plant, or Tara xacum, is not a weed. Technically, it is an herb. People outside North America rely on the European native plant for food and herbal usage. People worldwide forage for dandelion to eat dandelion greens for nutrition and herbal remedies. Besides its nutritional and healing applications, the dandelion plays a vital role in the ecosystem. Indeed, Tara xacum is an excellent pollinator plant that helps bees, butterflies, and other pollinators carry out their essential job functions. Now we are coming full circle, with dandelions reclaiming their rightful place as a flower and herb in the minds of many Americans. Dandelion appearance Dandelion has bright and cheerful yellow flowers that bloom from early spring until winter. The flowers emerge on a long, hollow stem. The flower head of Tara xacum opens during the day and closes to sleep at night. The cheery yellow flower forms from many small yellow petals and a single seed in the center. Tiny brown seeds form inside the protective wrapping of the familiar puff of white. The white puff ball serves a vital function; it is a parachute-like structure to allow the delicate dandelion seeds to break off in flight and reproduce. In addition to the seeds, the dandelion plant can reproduce vegetatively from its long, unbranched taproot, which can reach over a foot long. This adaptation helps it survive competition with other weeds and droughts. The dandelion's taproot also helps to prevent soil compaction--a common problem that robs plants of water and essential nutrients. If the soil compacts too tightly, water and nutrition flow away from the plant instead of soaking in for absorption. Dandelions are for sale online at TN Nursery.
Perennial Grab Bag - 25 Plants
Perennial Grab Bag Perennial Grab Bag: TN Nursery is pleased to offer a perennial grab bag containing 25 colorful, stylish plants in a high-quality package custom-selected just for you. Have you ever wondered which species would work best in your garden? Our horticulture specialists know what plants work best in your local USDA growing zone. When you place an order for a perennial grab bag of 25 plants, we put that knowledge to work on your behalf. Our perennial grab bags are more than a value price. They are also an excellent value because you get hand-picked, healthy bare-root plants or bulbs customized to suit your local conditions. Our experts will customize your package and dig the plants only after receiving your order and determining the best perennials. Consider TN Nursery your plant shopper! We will include selections that vary in size and height, color, and blooming season to ensure you have the most-envied garden in the neighborhood. Some Typical Plants We Might Include in the Perennial Grab Bag TN Nursery has over a hundred perennial plants in inventory. While it's impossible to say what exact flowers or plants you might receive, here are a few favorite things we might surprise you with: Trumpet vines: Add height to your garden with a trellis or arbor--trumpet vines offer beautiful color and foliage. Annual Phlox: This hardy perennial adds beautiful color all summer long. Violets: These petite flowers are some of the early bloomers, with purple, violet, yellow, and white colors lasting for several weeks. Daffodils: As the snow gives way to springtime, cheerful yellow daffodils will brighten your landscape. These are just a few selections. As mentioned, your plants will suit your particular growing zone. Order Your Perennial Grab Bag of 25 Plants From TN Nursery Today Are you ready for a delightful surprise? Order your perennial grab bag of 25 plants from TN Nursery today.
Lavender Tulips
Unique Triumph lavender tulips from TN Nursery Lavender triumph plants are available for sale in TN Nursery. Give lavender plants an extraordinary life by having them near your home. Visit TN Nursery to purchase high-quality lavender plants today! This beautiful species of tulip has lavender petals with a beige center and a cream-colored edge. The large, fragrant blooms are perfect for cutting and will bring you joy year-round. Purchase lavender triumph tulip plants today at TN Nursery! The Lavender Triumph Tulips will grow well in partial to full sun and in many soil types. At the nursery, they need average water and fertilizer care. If you have any questions about planting, please call. TN Nursery to purchase high-quality lavender plants today! Ever wanted to add a touch of beauty to your surroundings? These beautiful lavender triumph tulip plants for sale at TN Nursery are just the thing! Lavender triumph tulip plants make a great addition to your next outdoor activity. By planting these flowers, you can create a beautiful place to relax. It's been said that flowers are the language of love, and no one knows this better than Seddique Farms. With over 30 years of experience, TN Nursery is broadening its selection with some rare and unusual tulip varieties with a large assortment of tulips and wide other varieties. Triumph Tulips Offer a breakthrough in the flower industry - guaranteed to last longer. From late night to early morning, let the soft power of Lavender Tulip calm and soothe your loved one with their beautiful blooms. Mother's Day is coming soon. Give your mom, grandmother, or other remarkable women in your life the gift of relaxation through our calming, soothing natural tulips. They'll love you for it! Send an arrangement of lavender tulip bulbs today to someone you love today!
Daffodils Narcissus
Daffodils Narcissus Daffodils Narcissusis one of the favorite English plants in the world. And appears in various pieces of literature several times! They are resilient and easy-to-grow annual plants. They are present across North America and belong to the family Amaryllidaceae. It goes by the name Narcissus, a Greek mythological boy. It is the Whale's national flower. These are bulbs, meaning they will bloom in late winter or early spring if planted in the fall. It has a traditional white or brilliant yellow flower; These flowers have six petals and a trumpet-shaped middle part. But there are also numerous hybrid variants. Between one and twenty flowers grow on this plant's leafless stems. The white petals are occasionally staked to keep them from weighing down the stems. The plant has long-lived spring bulbs. There are so many types of daffodils present all around the world. But they are present in Eastern and Northern African meadows. Each variety has a distinct color and shape. Surprisingly, there are about 13,000 types of just 25 species. Breeders cross two different varieties to form a sizable cupped type of Narcissus. Even though these types smell different, most of them look alike. The plant is resistant to many diseases, insects, and pests. The acidic soils are their favorite type of soil where they grow to their fullest. Daffodils Narcissus represents goodwill, peace, and fortune according to the Eastern part of the world Interestingly, they reproduce not only by seeds. But gardeners also planted bulbs of the plant. The bulb divisions can produce a whole new plant. Planting daffodil bulbs is very convenient, and they need minimal to no care. When it is in huge groups, it seems like the flower floats on high ground. And the plant is not fixed in the soil. Golden Ducat, Petit Four, and Rip van Winkle are the favorites among such wide varieties because of their beautiful structure and color. It has an average height of 41 cm (16 inches). They look fantastic in giant groves and woodland gardens; Many gardeners grow the bulbs in hundreds rather than dozens. Narcissus blossoms are also excellent cut flowers during the spring season. Interestingly, the flowers represent goodwill, peace, and fortune according to the Eastern part of the world. The West is essential for festivals and celebrations like Easter and Lent. Because of the scent of daffodils blooming, it is used in various perfumes. They produce alkaloids and are utilized for other medicinal and botanical purposes. Buy daffodils for their charming and dreamy appearance. They are the symbol of love and peace. For centuries, poets and writers have praised their beauty in different forms. Daffodils Narcissus are for sale online at Tn Nursery
Yellow Tulip
Yellow Tulips are a perennial favorite of gardeners all across the world Tulips are an excellent choice for any gardener looking for a bright and cheery plant. They come in every color imaginable. Tulips also have long life spans so you can enjoy them for years. The Yellow Tulip Is a very versatile flower that can be planted in many climates. Whether in Canada or Arizona, tulips are an excellent addition to your yard or garden. If you're shopping for tulip bulbs, please visit Tennessee Nursery! When you give a yellow tulip bouquet to a friend, you're giving them the gift of light and happiness. From long ago, when yellow flowers were used only as an expression of jealousy, they've come to represent hope, happiness, innocence, joy. Yellow tulips are sunny and pretty, and one of the mid-springs is the first blooming perennials. You're going to love our garden center because we offer a variety of tulip bulbs. Whether you're shopping for tulip bulbs in bulk or want to buy tulip bulbs, we have a variety of colors and sizes. If you want to buy tulip bulbs, then TN Nursery is your destination! We have yellow tulips for sale and will gladly help you find the perfect bulb. Visit our garden center today and find out why we're the best place to buy tulip bulbs.
Red Tulip
Red Tulip Perennial Plants - Seadov When it comes to gardening, finding gorgeous, long-lasting flowers that will bloom all season beautifully can be challenging. With an array of available options, how do you choose which type of flower to plant in your yard or garden?  Consider the red tulip perennial flowers for sale at TN Nursery. These are one of the best perennials to help you bring a burst of color and life to your yard this spring and summer! For affordable, healthy perennials delivered directly to your door, shop at Tennessee Nursery today! Are you ready for a red tulip garden? Mix white yellow, and purple to make it pop with color Red Tulips are a classic, elegant favorite among flower lovers. They are perfect for the front yard or a large garden. TN Nursery offers a wide selection of hardy and colorful tulip perennials. If you're looking for the perfect Spring blooms, talk to our experts about our tulip perennials. They offer a wide variety of colors, sizes, and types. These are going to look fantastic in your yard!  Visit TN Nursery today to find out more about our flowers and plants! Did you know that red tulips are the world's most famous flower? Check out our diverse selection of red tulip perennials at TN Nursery, including wide varieties of the Tulipa genus! Spring blooms are just around the corner, and we've got what your garden needs for a beautiful season with our vibrant selection. Stop by today to find your favorite!  Visit TN Nursery for all your gardening needs, including Seadov red tulip perennials!
Pennsylvania Sedge - Package of 25 Plants
Pennsylvania Sedge Pennsylvania Sedge: Carex pensylvanica, aka Pennsylvania Sedge, is a hardy North American native grass species that will flourish across the cool to moderately warm regions of the United States. It is an unfussy ornamental grass that will thrive in many light conditions, from full sunshine to partial shade. This perennial ornamental will tolerate full shade, although it will grow slowly.  It prefers drier conditions than many ornamental grasses. This tolerance for dry soil makes it a favorite for TN Nursery customers who live in arid climates or have frequent watering restrictions in their communities. Once Pennsylvania Sedge develops strong roots, it becomes a carefree plant. It's drought-resistant, heat-resistant, pest-resistant, and disease-resistant. Other Common Names for Carex pensylvanica: Carex pensylvanica has several common names, with the usage varying from region to region. They include the following:  Oak Sedge Pennsylvania Sedge Plantainleaf Sedge Rush Sedge Sedge Grass Seersucker Sedge  How to Use Pennsylvania Sedge in Your Yard Unlike some ornamentals that get tall, Pennsylvania Sedge grows in attractive mounds that stay under a foot tall--usually around eight inches. It makes a lovely addition in these settings:  Pollinator Garden: Birds, bees, and butterflies will visit this grass and its tiny flowers. Xeriscaping or Desert Garden: If you hope to minimize water usage, plant Pennsylvania Sedge. Native Garden: Like most native species, this plant is hardy and resilient. Semi-shade or Shade Garden: Although Pennsylvania Sedge loves the full sunshine, it is a good-natured ornamental grass that will do well in any semi-shaded spot in a shade garden.  The Pleasant Appearance of Pennsylvania Sedge Grass Carex pensylvanica has tremendous charm as an ornamental. It spreads up to eight inches per growing season, eventually forming colonies. You can control the height by occasionally mowing it to a two-inch height.  Tiny, yellow fairy flowers bloom in the late spring; their size is so small that you can easily miss them. However, the butterflies and bees will notice and visit you, assisting with pollination. The grass grows in attractive clumps and forms slender spikes that gracefully arch over as they extend upward. They are semi-evergreen in all but the coldest growing zones.  Order Your Pennsylvania Sedge From TN Nursery Today  Pennsylvania Sedge is a lovely ornamental--please place your order today