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Seasonal Monthly Plant Box - Get 3
Seasonal Monthly Plant Box - Get 3 "In Season Plants" Each Month
from $119.99
TN Nursery offers a subscription service where we ship 3 different plants each month- Our # 1 Seller Examples Of Some Plants Are: Nov-April: These months are our "tree shipping season" You will get some of the following (no picks but we always ship best sellers) Trees Shrubs Evergreens Berry Bushes and Fruit Trees Moss   May- September: These months are when we ship the following. You will get some of the following in your subscription plant box: Blooming Age PerennialsMature Native Fern PlantsLive Garden Mosses   Beautiful Vines, Groundcovers, and Climber Vines Plant subscriptions can be an excellent way to regularly bring new and exciting plants into your home or garden. You can diversify your collection by receiving various plants each month and learning about new species you may have yet to encounter.Additionally, plant subscriptions can be a great way to have a beautiful yard with high-quality plants from a leading source, TN Nursery. By subscribing to their service, you are receiving quality plants and supporting their business and the horticulture industry as a whole.Overall, a plant subscription service can be a fun and rewarding way to have a variety of plants in every season.