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Broomsedge - Package of 25 Plants - TN Nursery
Broomsedge - Package of 25 Plants
Broomsedge (Andropogon virginicus)  Broomsedge: Andropogon virginicus, common name broomsedge, is an ornamental, perennial sedge grass. It's a native species originating in North America as far north as Maryland and Virginia, all of Central America, and South America as far south as Venezuela. This stately sedge grass requires full sunshine, especially in the morning. It also loves highly moist soils. It's a fantastic addition to add a lovely visual element near a pond, water garden, or creek bank. Broomsedge is lovely as meadow grass and a fast-growing species with more than just decorative value. This grass takes its name from its traditional function. Historically, people let the green grass fade to tan in the fall, dry, and then harvest it. They would bundle their bounty at the end of a stick, fashioning them into a broom. That also explains its alternate common names, broom straw grass or old-field broom straw grass. Broomsedge Can Help Manage Soil Erosion Some gardeners choose brooms edge for its lovely appearance and golden tones in the fall. However, others plant it to cope with soil erosion, especially near areas in which flooding occurs. Broomsedge is a fast-growing plant with a spreading habit of as much as ten inches per growing season. That means its sprawling root system can take hold of the earth and help cover it quickly, protecting against two primary causes of erosion--wind and water. The Interesting Good Looks of Broomsedge. Broom straw grass can reach up to four feet tall and approximately a foot wide in a single season. The grass blades are tall, thin, and a pleasant green early in the season; during the late summer, the color changes to a blue or purple and then fades to a golden yellow. It also develops feathery, fluffy orange flowers in autumn. Many people let broom straw grass remain in place throughout the winter to add color to an otherwise dreary landscape. Order Broomsedge from TN Nursery Today Broomsedge is a lovely species that adds a touch of golden color around your pond or garden during the winter. Please order your broom straw grass from TN Nursery today.
Wild Oats - Package of 25 Plants - TN Nursery
Wild Oats - Package of 25 Plants
Wild Oats Wild oats are a fast-growing, low-care requirement ornamental grass species that requires a sun and shade mixture or full sunshine (preferably the morning sun). This species is native to North America, Eastern Europe, and Asia--its widespread footprint shows how easy-going this grass is. This blue-green grass is tall and lovely and makes a lovely element cut and tucked into a vase, replacing traditional greenery. They require little or no care after planting. Please give it a semi-shaded spot, keep it happy with plenty of water, and watch it grow. Wild Oats Are a Lovely Grass Wild oats grow well in many locations. They like a minimum of an inch of water per week, but they also forgive if you miss a watering occasionally. They'll grow in a variety of settings: Container garden (use a large pot) Shade garden in a filtered sunny spot Water garden or pond - place it on a filtered sun bank that drains well The blossoms of wild oats form in a tall, light to medium green spike. The grass is flat, bright green, and lance-shaped with a narrow tip. It can grow as high as three feet tall and bounce back if you mow it to control the size. Wild Oats Are Not Only Ornamental - They Have Practical Applications Wild Oats and Soil Quality: Many farms plant wild oats during the off-season (late fall or early spring before planting) after harvesting their crops. Adding this grass helps to uphold the soil's structure when it's bare, especially against wind erosion. When the farms cut back the wild oats before the next planting, it returns healthy nitrogen into the soil. This grass is an essential tool for soil health, particularly for farms that reduce or eliminate chemical nitrogen use. Attract Beautiful Birds to Your Yard: Birds will love the tall grass and its seeds for nourishment. They will flock to a field of wild oats and pick clean the tall spikes of their seeds. Ground birds will also use the grass as cover against possible predators. Animal Grazing: Wild oats are palatable and highly nutritious for grazing animals. It is even an ingredient in human cereals. It is an affordable grass to plant and easy to grow, thus cutting back on dependency on commercial grains. Order Wild Oats From TN Nursery Today TN Nursery ships only the best and healthiest plants to our customers--please place your order today.