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Ferns can add a pop of color to any outdoor space. These delicate plants are a favorite of gardeners looking for low-maintenance plants with widespread appeal.

There's a lot to love about these simple plants, especially for the home landscaper. Not only are they a native option with many ecological benefits, but they also add a splash of green to the nooks and crannies of your garden.

TN Nursery grows a variety of species so you can pick your favorite cultivar. We offer three generations of growing experience and a selection of plants for almost every growing zone.

Why Ferns Make The Perfect Addition To Any Backyard

The fern may be a subtle plant, but it's by no means a forgettable one. Its large, delicate fronds and showy colors make it an excellent fit for any garden.

There are several other reasons why you may want to grow these plants. If you're looking to incorporate more native plants into your garden, these are a no-brainer for the natural landscaper. Interested in unique or rare types of plants? TN Nursery provides several options so you can track down or compare your favorite cultivars.

Ferns can help protect the soil from erosion; many different species can 'lend a frond.' Ferns also thrive all year round. With TN Nursery, you can find evergreen varieties that stay green throughout the winter. If you love the idea of a hardy, tolerant plant, it's hard to go wrong with the rugged variety that ferns offer.

From traditional cultivars to unusual species, TN Nursery can help you find what you're looking for.

Top Types Of Ferns For Your Yard

What kind of plant makes the most sense for you?

Check out some of the most popular cultivars our customers are buying:

Keep in mind we also offer a Terrarium Plant Kit, which provides a lovely interior gardening option.

TN Nursery Has The Ferns You Need

There are dozens of benefits to growing a fern, from its richly green appearance to its year-round color. Just keep in mind not all cultivars are the same - and the nursery that raises them has a significant impact on their health.

At TN Nursery, we've spent three generations building an online plant store you can trust to deliver healthy, vibrant plants. We offer a one-year warranty on all our plants so you never need to wonder about the quality of our product.

No matter what type of plant you're looking for, TN Nursery can help you find it.