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Deer Resistant Plants

Deer Resistant Plants

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Deer Resistant Plants

Deer Resistant Plants are Beneficial in Landscaping. Those in rural, semi-rural, and suburban locations often face challenges regarding Deer accessing their property and destroying their plants.

1. Goldenrod

2. Yarrow

3. Red Cardinal

4. Ginger

5. Brown-Eyed Susan

Deer Resistant Perennials

Deer resistant perennials may help manage the bands of hooved marauders and decimate your loveliest gardens. You work too hard on making beautiful outdoor spaces to enjoy, so if deer rob you of the pleasure of enjoying the fruits of your labor, it's worth reconsidering your plant selection.

TN Nursery offers an array of deer resistant perennials to our customers. They are long-lived plants that work in a range of USDA growing zones. However, they also have intense fragrances that seem to be a turnoff to deer.

TN Nursery offers only plants with vigor and quality at the top of our minds. Our customers have chosen to do business with us for seven continuous decades due to our eye for detail. You can rely on us.

As you browse our website, we will display plants within your USDA growing zone; our geolocation technology picks up your area automatically. Thus, we ensure you will receive your region's best deer-resistant perennials.

Our Favorite Deer Resistant Perennials

Our website has many deer resistant perennials, but we whittled down a curated list of the following five favorites:

  • Ajuga reptans (Bugleweed): Bugleweed is a fast-spreading flowering ground cover plant that forms dense whorls. When you slice open a leaf, it releases a spice-floral essential oil that deer find distasteful. Additionally, it will quickly fill a sunny area, choking out the weeds that deer seem to enjoy.
  • Milkweed Plant: The milkweed plant is an essential part of the ecosystem, as it's the only host plant for endangered monarch butterflies. The intense, particularly noticeable aromatics attract pollinator species in droves, but deer seem to shy away from the aroma.
  • Black Eyed Susan: This tall, upright, cheery yellow flower with the dark center is more than just a garden classic--it's one of our best-selling deer resistant perennials! It is both cold- and heat-tolerant, thriving in almost every planting zone.
  • Mayapple: A shade to partial-shade plant, the mayapple has beautiful, cup-shaped white flowers that are especially floral, which seems to make the deer avoid it.
  • Trumpet vines: This climbing and creeping vine displays stunning bright coral or orange five-petal flowers and adores basking in the full sun. The vine has a spicy aromatic note that sends deer searching for a milder meal.

You Can Trust TN Nursery for the Healthiest Deer Resistant Perennials

TN Nursery is a trusted industry leader for sun, shade, and deer resistant perennials and all your planting needs. You can count on us. We're sure that you'll come back for more after you give us a try.

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