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Shop Zone 4 at TN Nursery to find everything you need to plant, nurture, and enjoy your outdoor and indoor living spaces to the utmost. We give gardeners in this zone easy access to cold-resistant plants that can stand up to freezing winter weather and thrive. Our gardening specialists cultivate the strongest plants to help you create the ideal zone-optimized garden.

What To Know About This Zone

This zone is one of the colder USDA hardiness zones. It encompasses parts of many of the Northernmost US states and portions of some Northwestern states, as well.

Winter temperatures in this zone can get downright frigid, but it's still far from the coldest USDA zone (that title goes to Zone 1). The winter lows are around -30 to -20 degrees Fahrenheit.;

The first frost in the zone usually happens in late September or early October, with the last frost around late April to early May. This makes for a fairly brief growing season compared to most other zones in the US. But, short growing seasons don't mean that you're short on options at TN Nursery. We stock the best selection for your zone and are ready to ship your plants to your zone right away.

Our Recommendations For Your USDA Zone

When you live in a colder zone, you need to work with what nature gives you, and maybe get a little creative also. Not to worry: We carry plants, shrubs, bulbs, mosses, and trees that we choose specifically for their strength in this zone.

We recommend ultra-hardy outdoor plants, shrubs, and trees that can flourish in the warm months and hibernate successfully until next year. Some popular picks for perennials in the zone include vibrantly blue Virginia bluebells, bright pink Creeping Phlox, and heart-shaped Hosta. We also offer perennial assortment packages, like our mix of 15 flowering perennials (chosen for your zone). Packages can give you a profusion of colorful flowers, and they'll return year after year.

Wish your zone had a longer growing season? Plant and shrub blankets may help your precious plants live for longer.

Or, you could consider building a greenhouse or exploring the world of indoor plant cultivation. It's a great chance to grow many of the same beautiful plants you enjoy outdoors, but you get to control the climate yourself.

Shop Zone 4 At TN Nursery

As a third-generation family-owned business, plants are our roots at TN Nursery. We're passionate about cultivating the highest quality plants for your zone, so they can thrive under your care.