Mood Moss - 5 Square Feet



March April

Mood Moss - 5 Square Feet

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Mood Moss - 5 Square Feet



March April
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Mood Moss Dicranum scoparium

Mood Moss (Dicranum scoparium)

Mood moss (Dicranum scoparium) is a plant you might know by several common names. TN Nursery might call it mood moss, but some gardeners refer to it by these:

  • Windswept moss
  • Broom moss
  • Broomfork moss

Mood Moss Has a Lush Green Appearance

This moss has distinctive, airy-looking leaves shaped like delicate spearheads. It's also a good host in the garden, serving as an excellent habitat for small creatures. It also provides food for some insects. Dicranium scoparium grows to a mature height of three to four inches.

This plant grows on a variety of surfaces, including damp soil. Its shallow root structure makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments. It grows naturally on moist forest floors and rocks in shaded areas.

However, mood moss can also grow on wood, gravel, cement, and other substrates, providing good drainage and moisture.

How TN Nursery Customers Use Mood Moss

Here are some ways TN Nursery customers put mood moss to use in their gardens.

Gardeners cultivate this moss for hard-to-grow spots in the garden or to cover unsightly rocks, concrete, or bricks in old buildings. It also makes a classic addition to a shade garden, especially if you might have challenges growing other plants.

It is a lush, dark green ground cover that spreads across a garden quickly. Besides the toothy-looking leave appearing so attractive, the prolific spread also means that mood moss can help prevent soil erosion.

Other customers order Dicranum scoparium to add to a terrarium, reptile tank, or fish tank.

Why Choose Dicranum scoparium?

This gorgeous moss prefers a moist environment and a cooler climate. On the other hand, it adapts to droughts easily, making it worry-free for gardeners across many USDA growing zones.

Mood moss is easy to grow and requires little maintenance. It has a delicate root system and will absorb nutrients easily. It grows well in moist conditions and is drought-tolerant. It can be preserved and used as interior wall art. Mood moss can be easily divided and used anywhere you need a touch of greenery.

Order Mood Moss From TN Nursery Today

Many crafters grow it for making decorative crafts, such as moss wreaths. Mood moss is a very versatile plant! Order yours today; the TN Nursery team is ready to assist.

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Best Place to Buy Moss

This is the best place to buy your moss. I've been using this company for quite some time now and I have yet to be dissatisfied. It's nice and healthy and for a very good price. I needed to hold off on the shipment for a month and called the customer service number and they were able to help me be able to make this happen.