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Box Elder Tree
Box Elder Tree
Box Elder Tree (Acer negundo) Box Elder Tree: Acer negundo, the box elder tree, is a fast-growing, long-living North American native species and member of the maple tree family. It is a hardy species that grows in the entire contiguous United States. Because it is so adaptable to a wide temperature range, it is a favorite for both gardeners and landscapers throughout the U.S. It plays a prominent role in parks, installed along boulevards and sidewalks, and in backyards as a shade tree. Some other common names for Acer negundo are the following: Ash-Leaf Maple Ashleaf maple Boxelder The name and spelling variations all refer to the same lovely tree. The Box Elder Tree Is a Resilient Species The box elder tree is pollution-resistant, disease-resistant, and drought-resistant after it lays down healthy roots. It's attractive to wildlife, including birds, butterflies, and bees--each species is a pollinator that can foster plant health. When you plant the box elder tree, ensure you find a full sunshine location. It also needs well-draining but moist soil; during an extended drought, you must provide about one to two inches of water per week. The tree expends a lot of energy with its quick growth pattern of two to three additional feet per year, so add organic compost or fertilizer at least twice per year to keep it well-fed. Box elder trees in the coldest zones should receive an insulating cover of an inch or two of hardwood mulch before the snow flies. The gardener does not need to do anything other than these few basic maintenance tasks to maintain the box elder tree. The Box Elder Tree Is a Lovely Specimen The box elder tree is a middle-sized tree, generally reaching a mature height of around fifty feet tall and with a forty-foot canopy width. The trunk is upright and light to medium brown. The leaves are opposite on the brown stems, oval, serrated, and with lobes. The color is bright green on top and a bit lighter underneath. In late spring, they have tiny cream of yellow flowers; however, the size is so small they are almost unnoticeable. Order Your Box Elder Tree From TN Nursery Today TN Nursery recommends the box elder tree for anyone who wants a fast-growing, lovely shade tree--order from us today.
Sweet Gum Tree For Sale | Tn Nursery
Sweet Gum Tree
Sweet Gum Tree Sweet Gum Tree: Liquidambar styraciflua, or the sweet gum tree, is a tall, stately tree that performs well in the moderately warm USDA plant hardiness zones. The sweet gum tree is a native species to North America, often occurring in nature in flood plains, near swamps of marshlands, or near river tributaries. Although it can reach as much as 120 feet high, it generally averages approximately seventy feet at maturity. Gardeners and landscapers love this tree for its easy temper and the lack of care after the roots develop. TN Nursery recommends the sweet gum tree for customers seeking a tall tree that will be heat-tolerant and drought-tolerant. Another great reason to select the sweet gum tree is to help de-compact your soil. If you have compacted soil in your yard, the sweet gum tree loosens the ground with a shallower root system that grows wider than most trees--breaking up the soil as those roots strengthen. Other Common Names for Sweet Gum Tree Some gardeners prefer other common names for Liquidambar styraciflua. Here are a few: American Sweet Gum Redgum Red Sweet Gum Sweetgum Sweet Gum Sweetgum Tree Gumball Tree These nicknames mostly describe the fruit of this tree--one to three-inch pods shaped like gumballs that appear every autumn. The pods contain seeds, which your local birds and squirrels will feast on throughout the winter.  The Grand Stature of the Sweet Gum Tree Makes It Wonderful for Shade The sweet gum tree generally stays around a hundred feet when fully grown but sometimes grows taller. As it matures, the crown forms a pyramid-like shape with a rounded top. The trunk of this tree is sturdy and large to support its grand height--it can be as much as three to four feet in diameter. Its bark is light- to medium-gray and displays an intriguing, ridged pattern. The sweet gum tree leaves are multi-lobed and form a star shape upon maturation. They have slightly serrated edges, a dark green hue, and can be up to eight inches across. The canopy of the sweet gum tree turns amber, orange, russet, and purple in the autumn. The “gumballs” appear around the end of August and continue to develop through the early fall. Throughout the winter, they drop from the tree, much to the delight of your wintertime garden visitors. Order Your Sweet Gum Tree from TN Nursery The sweet gum tree is an excellent landscaping choice for anyone who needs a tall shade tree but has soil compaction. Order your sweet gum tree from TN Nursery today.
Sourwood Tree
Sourwood Tree Sourwood Tree: Oxydendrum arboreum, or the sourwood tree, is a deciduous native to the southeastern hardwood forests of the United States. The sourwood tree is a smaller species, reaching a maximum height of twenty to thirty feet. TN Nursery recommends the sourwood tree to customers who wish for a tree that will look great without overshadowing the entire yard. You might also hear gardeners refer to Oxydendrum arboreum by these alternative common names: Sorrel tree Lily of the valley tree How to Use the Sourwood Tree in Your Landscape TN Nursery customers put the sourwood tree to work in these types of spaces: Pollinator garden or butterfly garden: Sourwood tree attracts bees, butterflies, moths, and other insects that spread pollen. Urban garden or park: Sourwood trees can add lovely color in urban or suburban applications without becoming overly large in small spots. Native species garden: This tree is a beautiful specimen if you want to show off North American plants. Landscape tree: Add color to an otherwise empty yard with the beautiful sourwood tree. Beekeeping: Beekeepers often express interest in this tree, as the bees use the sourwood tree's nectar to produce rich honey. Sourwood Tree Might be a Small Tree, But It Has a Big, Beautiful Presence The sourwood tree trunk is slender, approximately eight to twelve inches in diameter, which is well-proportioned when considering the shorter height. The bark is dark gray with attractive light scaling. Sourwood tree leaves are dark green, slightly glossy, and shaped like an elongated oval. The leaf has a slightly toothy edge. In the autumn, they generally turn crimson, burgundy, or purple. The essential oils of the leaves are sour tasting, lending the tree its common name. Sourwood tree flowers are a creamy white color and bell-shaped. They are similar to lily of the valley flowers, providing an alternate common name. The flowers droop from the stem and have a pleasant, sweet fragrance. They bloom during mid-summer. Order Your Sourwood Tree From TN Nursery Today The sourwood tree is lovely and will only overshadow a little space. It's perfect for a small yard or as a tree to create a small shade garden. Order yours from TN Nursery today.
Tulip Tree
Tulip Tree Tulip Tree: Liriodendron tulipifera, or the tulip tree, is a North American native deciduous species many gardeners love because it grows faster than many other trees. It thrives in most regions in the contiguous United States. The tulip tree attracts pollinators like bees, butterflies, songbirds, and small mammals—TN Nursery customers who love observing wildlife plant this tree to watch the buzz of activity. Other Names for the Liriodendron tulipifera You might also hear Liriodendron tulipifera, called by several names--each referring to the same tree. Tulip Poplar Yellow Popular Yellow-Poplar The Tulip Tree Is an Easy-Care Species The tulip tree is drought-resistant, deer-resistant, and easy to care for. To ensure success, find a fully sunny spot to plant the tulip tree and give it enough "elbow room" to spread out as it grows. During the earliest stages of development, enrich the soil with organic materials similar to what you'd expect to see on the floor of a fertile forest. Think shredded leaf litter, hardwood mulch, organic compost, or peat moss. Keep the area mulched with these materials to deliver nutrients to this tree--especially in the winter months in colder climate zones. The Lovely Appearance of the Tulip Tree The tulip tree is a tall, stately species that reaches a skyscraping height of up to 120 feet upon maturity, although they generally stay around 90 feet. The trunk is erect, and the tree can be up to six feet in diameter. The bark turns green to a warm brown and develops attractive furrows as it ages. The leaves are about six inches long and four-lobed and alternate along the stems. The leaves are bright green on the top side and lighter green on the underside. They turn amber and bright yellow in the autumn. Order Your Tulip Tree From TN Nursery Today TN Nursery grows healthy and robust tulip trees for shipment to our customers--order yours today.
Butterfly Plants - 6 plants
Butterfly Plants Package - 9 Plants Perfectly Selected For Your Planting Zone To Attract Butterflies Butterfly Plants Package - 9 Colorful Plants to Attract Beautiful Butterflies We will hand-select you perfect plants to attract monarchs and butterflies to your garden. We take into consideration your planting zone and will choose plants perfect for your zone. Butterfly Plants Package: TN Nursery can provide a savvy solution to attract stunning butterflies, including the endangered monarch butterfly, to your yard--our butterfly plants package. We include nine plants that these lovely winged creatures find irresistible. Butterfly plants attract butterflies to your yard  Attracting these charming creatures to your yard requires you to grow the plants that attract them. What do butterflies want? That’s easy! Colorful plants with rich nectars and lush foliage where they can lay their eggs and hide their youngsters--our butterfly plants package contains the species that will check both of those boxes.  The horticulturists understand the vital connection between plants and butterflies and know what plants will grow best in your local USDA growing zone. They will custom-choose only the best plants for butterflies in your local area, removing your uncertainty.  What Plants Might Arrive in Your Butterfly Plants Package Remember, each butterfly plant package is custom-tailored to suit your needs. TN Nursery grows over a hundred plant species, many of which attract your winged friends. We will select nine just for you. The following are a few plants we love:  Milkweed plant: We often include the milkweed plant, as it is the only way to save the endangered monarch butterfly. Milkweed is the one plant that can nourish its young. Over the years, widespread destruction of this plant led to putting monarchs on the brink of disaster. Butterfly bush: The lush colors of the butterfly bush serve as a beacon to many species of butterflies, including the many members of the graceful swallowtail family. Jewelweed Plant: The cheerful bright orange jewelweed plant is better known as a hummingbird attractant. But rest assured that butterflies love it for the same reason--the sweet nectar.  These are, of course, a small sampling of some of our best butterfly plants. However, the descriptions should give you an idea of the thought and care that will go into curating selections for your order. Butterfly Plants Package (9 Plants) is available to order online at TN Nursery Order your butterfly plants package today; you will soon enjoy winged visitors that will delight and entertain you.
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6 Flowering Shrubs
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6 Flowering Shrubs TN Nursery proudly presents our fantastic package of 6 flowering shrubs for an excellent value price. When you order this offer, we will hand-curate our expert selection The value does not stem only from the low price for the six flowering shrubs but also from the care and loves that you will receive in the selections. Our horticultural experts carefully hand-pick the plants to include in this package. Our specialist will custom-tailor a collection to grow in your USDA growing zone. When you order the package, the horticulturists will note your growing zone and get to work. They will include a variety that performs well in your local growing conditions, attract numerous pollinators to your garden, and stagger the bloom times for maximum impact. Consider TN Nursery as your plant shopper! What Selections We Might Include in the Flowering Shrubs Package TN Nursery cultivates over a hundred species at our central Tennessee facility. This package includes six flowering shrubs. Your package will suit your specific growing zone, but here are five species we love: ● Crepe Myrtle: Available in many colors, including pink, white, purple, and red, crepe myrtle grows well and in challenging conditions. This hardiness makes it one of our best-sellers. ● Hibiscus Syriacus: Beautiful shades of hibiscus include purple, pink, red, and white--we love adding this to packages for customers in warmer climates. ● Witch Hazel: This late-season bloomer adds showy splashes of yellow flowers--a welcome sight in the dreary days of late autumn. ● Lilac: Those in the appropriate growing zones may receive a lilac, a beautiful, fragrant, middle to late-spring bloomer that everyone loves. ● Butterfly Bush: The butterfly bush is a summertime classic, attracting excellent pollinators that benefit your garden. Expect to see butterflies, moths, bees, and hummingbirds if you receive this plant in your flowering shrubs package. Order Your Flowering Shrubs Package From TN Nursery Today The flowering shrubs package is an excellent opportunity to have a horticultural expert work as your shopper. We will pick your plants with the utmost care. Place your order with TN Nursery today.
Wildflower Package 25 Plants
Wildflowers Package (25 Plants) Wildflowers Package: TN Nursery offers a wildflowers package that includes 25 plants. This package can help our customers hop on to the movement of "wildscaping" or "rewilding" their landscape. This movement helps people, especially in drought-prone areas, enjoy a picturesque yard filled with easy-care, hardy species of flowers that are ideal for their region. Wildflower gardens can replace large grassy areas, cutting back on water demands. When you select the wildflowers package, you receive 25 plants ideally suited to your USDA growing zone.  The horticulturists at TN Nursery will review your growing zone and hand-curate a selection of the best perennial-plant that will flourish in your area. For example, a customer in an arid region will receive only drought-tolerant species. On the other hand, a customer in a cooler, rainy area will only receive the right plants. In other words, the wildflowers package removes the worry from you--you are in our capable hands. You will have wildflowers that bloom from spring through the summer with less effort than you can imagine.  Wildflower Package may include We grow hundreds of native perennials here at TN Nursery, but here are five typical plants that we might surprise you with based on your local needs:  Dutchman's Breeches: An easy-care, low-maintenance white and yellow flower. Indian Pink Plants: These native perennials show off in the early summer and remain as beautiful greenery after they bloom. Hairy Buttercup: These cheerful yellow blossoms will brighten up your wildflower garden, starting as early as April in some regions. Wildflowers Package (25 Plants) is available online at TN Nursery Wildflowers are an excellent opportunity to cultivate an undemanding, environmentally-friendly garden. Order your wildflowers package today.
10 Hummingbird Plants Package
Hummingbird Plant Package (10 Plants)  Hummingbird Plant Package: Do you love to watch busy little hummingbirds when they visit your garden? The TN Nursery Hummingbird Plant Package can help you provide an even better ecosystem for your tiny feathered friends.  When you order the Hummingbird Plant Package from TN Nursery, you will receive ten hand-selected perennials that will thrive in your area. Our packages are highly customized, hand-selected upon order, and will include ONLY plants that will flourish in your USDA hardiness zone.  Typical Selections for the Hummingbird Plant Package  Each Hummingbird Plant Package includes ten plants with showy and bright flowers that hummingbirds cannot resist. No two packages are alike, and your selections might vary from these examples. However, we want to illustrate some typical examples.  Daylily: Hummingbirds love daylily flowers for their elongated shape--perfect for drawing nectar! You might receive cheerful yellow Stella De Oro or ruby-colored Red Baja daylily selections. Trumpet Vine: This fast-growing vine is excellent on a trellis or arbor. It's an ideal way to add height to your hummingbird garden. Besides the attractive orange-colored flowers and sweet nectar, the trumpet vine grows dense foliage to give hummingbirds a way to escape predators. Butterfly Bush: Don't let the name fool you--hummingbirds find the mauve, lavender, or purple flowering butterfly bush highly attractive. It grows in many USDA zones and is drought-tolerant. Butterfly Weed: Because of their long but slender beaks, hummingbirds love slim, elongated flowers like tubular flowers. This plant is a customer favorite--the best-seller at TN Nursery. Jewelweed: We like to include the jewelweed because it's hardy in most American growing zones, blossoming until the first frost. These late blooms provide nectar for hummingbirds later into the season.  Order Your Hummingbird Plant Package From TN Nursery Today  Growing a hummingbird garden is easier than you think. The TN Nursery Hummingbird Plant Package provides ten easy-care plants that attract these tiny creatures to your backyard. You'll feed your local flock natural nectar instead of sugar water to ensure their health. Order yours today.
Perennial Grab Bag - 25 Plants
Perennial Grab Bag Perennial Grab Bag: TN Nursery is pleased to offer a perennial grab bag containing 25 colorful, stylish plants in a high-quality package custom-selected just for you. Have you ever wondered which species would work best in your garden? Our horticulture specialists know what plants work best in your local USDA growing zone. When you place an order for a perennial grab bag of 25 plants, we put that knowledge to work on your behalf. Our perennial grab bags are more than a value price. They are also an excellent value because you get hand-picked, healthy bare-root plants or bulbs customized to suit your local conditions. Our experts will customize your package and dig the plants only after receiving your order and determining the best perennials. Consider TN Nursery your plant shopper! We will include selections that vary in size and height, color, and blooming season to ensure you have the most-envied garden in the neighborhood. Some Typical Plants We Might Include in the Perennial Grab Bag TN Nursery has over a hundred perennial plants in inventory. While it's impossible to say what exact flowers or plants you might receive, here are a few favorite things we might surprise you with: Trumpet vines: Add height to your garden with a trellis or arbor--trumpet vines offer beautiful color and foliage. Annual Phlox: This hardy perennial adds beautiful color all summer long. Violets: These petite flowers are some of the early bloomers, with purple, violet, yellow, and white colors lasting for several weeks. Daffodils: As the snow gives way to springtime, cheerful yellow daffodils will brighten your landscape. These are just a few selections. As mentioned, your plants will suit your particular growing zone. Order Your Perennial Grab Bag of 25 Plants From TN Nursery Today Are you ready for a delightful surprise? Order your perennial grab bag of 25 plants from TN Nursery today.
Flowering Perennials -10 Plants
Flowering Perennial Package  Flowering Perennial Package: Having a garden that will put on a colorful display of blossoms every year is not as challenging as it might appear. Investing in the TN Nursery Flowering Perennial Package empowers you to show off your garden with less effort than you think. The secret is to add a variety of hardy perennials that will peak or bloom at staggered times throughout the growing season. You also want to add visual interest by finding plants of varying heights. They should also be drought-tolerant, heat-tolerant, and appropriate for your particular USDA plant hardiness zone.  But how do you know what flowers to pick?  Leave that part to the expert horticulture staff at TN Nursery. We have decades of experience. Selecting our Flowering Perennial Package includes ten healthy plants. It is like hiring a personal horticulturist to help plan your garden.  We dig each order fresh from our nursery in central TN. When you order, we learn your growing zone and custom-select ONLY those that will flourish in your local growing conditions. Plants We Might Select for the Flowering Perennial Package  No two customers have identical needs, so why order a cookie-cutter package? Let us select from over a hundred species of hardy perennials. We have too many to mention all, but here are a few selections your Flowering Perennial Package could include these ten flowers:  Daffodils: This bulb plant comes back year after year. Who doesn't welcome seeing the bright pops of yellow in the dreary days of early spring? Virginia Bluebells: The blue or lavender colors of Virginia bluebell will brighten any garden in the mid-spring. You'll also likely attract early hummingbirds. Milkweed: Many gardeners today express concern over the endangered monarch butterfly population. Planting milkweed is the way to help them repopulate. Shasta Daisy: The tall and elegant shasta daisy, with its paper-white petals and bright yellow middle, is a gardening classic.  Order Your Flowering Perennial Package of 10 Flowers From TN Nursery Growing beautiful flowers from spring to fall need not be difficult--leave the selection to us for an entire season of color. Order your Flowering Perennial Package from TN Nursery today.  
Perennials Package - 10 Plants
Perennial Grab Bag (10 Plants) Perennial Grab Bag: TN Nursery proudly offers a perennial grab bag containing ten of our most popular, highly colorful perennials in a high-quality package hand-selected to suit your needs. Have you ever mused about the best plants to choose for your garden? Our horticulturist knows what plants work perfectly in your local USDA growing zone. When you place an order for a perennial grab bag of ten plants, we put our decades of experience to work for you. Our perennial grab bags are more than an excellent low cost. They also provide tremendous value because you get hand-curated, healthy bulbs or bare-root plants that are particularly suitable for your locality. Our horticulturist will assemble the grab bag and dig the selections only after reviewing your order and determining your growing zone. Consider the TN Nursery expert to be your personal plant consultant. We will include species that vary in height and size, provide an array of colors, and blossom over several weeks to give you beautiful results. Some Common Plants We Might Include in a Perennial Grab Bag (10 Plants) TN Nursery has over a hundred perennials in our vast inventory. While it's not possible to pinpoint precisely which flowers or plants we might send, here are a few typical selections that we love: Yello coneflower: A summertime favorite that works in several USDA growing zones, yellow coneflower attracts healthy pollinators to your garden. Vinca minor (periwinkle): Add height to your garden or a fence with a trellis or arbor--vinca minor will offer beautiful color and foliage. Phlox: This summertime classic provides beautiful blossoms for several weeks. Stella de Oro Daylily: These yellow flowers are showstoppers, with stunning bright yellow and bright green foliage--a TN Nursery customer favorite. Daffodils: This bulb returns reliably, one spring after another, during the earliest warm days. Of course, this is a quick peek at a few of our favorites--your grab bag will suit your growing needs. Order Your Perennial Grab Bag of 10 Plants From TN Nursery Today Are you ready for colorful blossoms and healthy, hardy perennials? Order your perennial grab bag of ten plants from TN Nursery today.
Greensleeves Kousa Dogwood
Greensleeves Kousa Chinese Dogwood 3' Size Shipped
Sweet Bay Magnolia
Sweet Bay Magnolia  The Sweet Bay Magnolia tree is the perfect option for a luxurious and full-spread tree. It grows in a vase-like shape and can reach a height of up to 20 feet tall with a maximum spread between 10 and 20 feet. You can expect this tree to grow at a rate of anywhere between 13 and 24 inches each year. This impressive tree contains deep green colored leaves with a frosted-like appearance that grow up to three to five inches long. When illuminated by the sun's rays, these leaves will emit a lovely glisten. Sweet Bay Magnolia Is Highly Fragrant This unique tree comes to life in the late spring to early summer when its creamy white flowers bloom. These distinctive blooms will grow between two and three inches and let off a light lemon-like scent. Their elegant cup shape provides a uniform and striking look, with 9 to 12 petals each. Even better, in the late summer, this tree will bloom bright scarlet red seeded fruits that can grow up to two inches long. While these fruits are not edible for humans, they make a nice meal for various wildlife. These include blue jays, towhees, vireos, quail, turkey, and gray squirrels. This tree will provide a lovely connection with the wildlife outdoors in the late fall for your viewing pleasure. Known as the M. Virginiana Var. Australis, swap magnolia, or laurel magnolia, this beautiful tree is native to moist woodlands ranging from Massachusetts to Florida and Arkansas to Texas. The Sweet Bay Magnolia features a smooth-feeling bark that starts out green and ages into a prominent silvery gray. Its lemon scent makes this tree the perfect addition to gardens and patios, where you can easily enjoy its natural scent consistently.                                               
Hair Grass - Package of 25 Plants
Hair Grass Hair Grass is a highly ornamental plant characterized by its delicate hair-like flowers. It reaches a total height of between two and three feet tall. Known as Tufted Hair Grass, Tussock, and Deschampsia Cespitosa, this neatly rounded plant stabilizes disturbed soils as it comprises a dense, deep rooting system.  Hairgrass is great for landscaping borders with    Throughout most of the year, this robust plant will have bold green, linear, arching leaves that look similar to blades of grass. However, its delicate textured evergreen foliage will develop a purplish floret in the summertime. As the plant matures into the later season, it will transition from light brown to yellowish-buff.   Native to North America, Hair Grass will reach a mature spread of between one to two feet. This is an excellent dried flower for ground cover. It thrives in all types of environments and attracts songbirds and game birds. This rhizomatous plant will sway gracefully, even in the slightest breezes, creating a spectacular backdrop for any landscape.  Hairgrass is native to North America    This low-maintenance ornamental plant emits a fine texture with no noticeable aroma. It's resistant to deer, drought, pollution, rabbits, and even salt. This semi-evergreen foliage is the perfect host plant for over 40 species of butterflies. After all the butterflies move on, this native grass develops fuzzy, golden seed heads that look amazing in any garden environment, even the highly manicured ones.  A member of the grass family, this perennial bunchgrass will bring a feeling of denseness to any garden. It provides high-impact ground cover while adding a long season of colorful grace. This plant will also thrive in a container garden environment, where it can spill over the edge of the pot. This cool-season grass and its airy panicles of tiny flowers will prosper until the season's first frost.
Silky Dogwood
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  How the Silky Dogwood Can Add Beauty to Your Garden  Silky dogwood (Cornus amomum) is a medium-sized, deciduous, blooming shrub typically growing along eastern United States streams. Its tiny, cream-colored blossoms hold sweet nectar that attracts azure butterflies and bees as the weather warms up. Clusters of flowers begin to bloom in late spring, and they stay nestled among the plant's light green leaves well into the summer. Just before fall, the leaves darken, and the plant begins to yield drupes that are a favorite food for birds, like cardinals, flickers, and thrushes. As the temperatures drop, the plant's leaves turn red. Eventually, the leaves drop to the ground, revealing the shrub's burgundy-brown branches.  In its native state, Cornus amomum tends to grow wild and form thickets that make excellent nesting areas for small wildlife. When adapted to domestic settings, the plant works best as an ornamental shrub in an informal garden. Cornus amomum works well in wetter, shadier areas of your home landscape, and it's also an excellent plant for managing soil erosion. The shrub grows best in moist wet, rich, slightly acidic soil that is well-drained. Since the plant serves as pollinators' food source, fertilization is often not recommended. Proper care and attention to the soil composition will encourage your plant to produce abundant blooms and fruit and maintain a vibrant color. Cornus amomum needs careful pruning to keep it looking its best. Gardners should trim away suckers and dead branches to maintain a healthy look. Pruning away the oldest stems just before spring will encourage the new growth of colorful red stems. Cutting unwanted growth will help the plant keep its shape as the years pass.  When your shrub is newly planted, it is essential to water it weekly until its root system becomes well-established. Once the shrub takes hold, it will naturally draw sufficient moisture from the air and ground so long as it is in a moist, shaded area.  Silky dogwoods are frost-hardy plants that grow well in the southern, central, midwestern, and western regions of the United States. They are lovely, functional plants that keep your garden fresh all year.