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Flower Gardens And Beds, Drought Tolerant Plants, Ponds and Water Gardens,
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Cherokee Sedge - 25 Plants $79.99 Description

Cherokee Sedge 

Cherokee Sedge - Carex Cherokeensis. It is a grass-like, clumping sedge that is native to North America. It has tiny greenish-white flowers and seed spikes that resemble the shape of wheat. It has thick green narrow leaves that gracefully droop and are pleasant to look at. This plant can tolerate droughts but does tend to thrive better in moist environments.

Cherokee Sedge Carex Cherokeensis is an Evergreen Grass Like Plant used as an Accent In Small Gardens

It reaches full height and width in just over a year. It is an evergreen, grass-like plant often used as an accent plant in small gardens, as a filler in more extensive gardens, or as a border along the edges of streams or ponds to help maintain the integrity and prevent soil erosion.

The sedge's long, narrow leaves are a deep green color that can nicely offset other plants in your outdoor space. It sports small greenish-white flowers in the late spring and early summer, and its seed spikes (with a similar appearance to wheat) reach maturity in the fall.

This plant has an average growth rate that reaches full height and width in about a year. A natural plant to take care of, this plant is relatively low-maintenance and should not be significantly cut back.

However, if one desires a tidier appearance, trim brown tips in the winter and early spring. The plant thrives in moist soil. However, it is a hardy plant and can withstand drier conditions in the event of a drought.

The sedge does not have any significant problems with insects, and it is even resistant to deer! Making the sedge part of your garden will surely add a natural-looking beauty to your outdoor space, which one can enjoy for years to come. 

One of the tallest sedges in the Southeastern United States is the Cherokee Sedge (species Carex Cherokeensis Schwein) in the Cypress family

This perennial, grass-like plant tolerates drought but thrives in moist soil. It is most often found in or near the border of a forest. This native North American sedge plant performs a landscape foundation in natural areas, rain gardens, meadow gardens, and ground covers. Tough and durable, this plant flourishes in moist to wet soil but accommodates average soil as well.

Direct sunlight is tolerated, but partial shade (especially in the hottest part of the day) is ideal. These plants have delicate, curved evergreen leaves measuring 16 inches in length and a quarter-inch in width, growing from the base in a triangular pattern.

Clumps of sedge are only 6 to 8 inches tall in winter but may double their height during summer. Of the more than 2000 species of sedge plants, some are difficult to identify, but the plant is distinctive enough to be differentiated from other sedges. A dainty flower appears mid-spring, followed by a greenish, wheat-like seed pod early in summer. The uniqueness of the blooms helps classify the species, as sedges can only be recognized when in full bloom.

The rich green foliage, delicate, grass-like flower, and shapely seed spike make the sedge a perfect partner for woodland perennial wildflowers in any setting.

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    Cherokee Sedge

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    Cherokee Sedge

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    This stuff looks great.

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    Cherokee Sedge

    Posted by Rhonda Watts on Aug 22, 2019

    this has an amazing look love it

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    Nice Plants

    Posted by Reagean Liederman on May 09, 2016

    Love my plants. Love them very much.


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