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What is a Fast Growing Evergreen Tree?

Needing a fast growing evergreen tree?

The loblolly pine is a fast grower and adapts well to most soils. Native to the U.S., this pine (Pinus taeda) is valued for its fast growth.

Also known as blue or rosemary pine, this conifer is a perfect choice for anyone who wants to increase privacy with a screen, grow a living fence, or add a windbreak to their yard... all without waiting years for other, slower-growing species.

Here's what to know about loblolly pine seedlings in the landscape.

Loblolly Pine Trees: Growing Conditions

P. Qaeda's natural range stretches from eastern Texas, southern states, and north along the East Coast to New Jersey. They're hardy in USDA hardiness zones 6a through 9a. If you live within this zone, you can likely grow loblolly pine in your landscape.

In the wild, loblolly pines tolerate various conditions, even occasionally wet or swampy soil. Because they're so adaptive, they can thrive in all sorts of conditions and are found growing across much of the U.S. In fact, they're the most common tree in the country, after the red maple.

Loblolly pine tree grows best in sunny spots that receive at least 6 to 8 hours of direct sunlight each day.

How Large and How Fast do Loblolly Pine Trees Grow?

When growing outdoors in the wild, loblolly pine tree can reach heights over 100 feet and widths up to 40 feet. However, in the landscape, these pines don't usually get quite that big. Some people choose to plant dwarf varieties such as 'Nana," which only grows to about 16 feet tall.

The trees are attractive, with dense crowns. They grow in a pyramid shape when young, then take on an oval form at maturity. They're known for their straight, thick trunks, with red-brown bark and long, dark green needles.

Most of all, loblolly pines are known for their fast growth. These evergreens grow up to 2 feet a year, making them the fastest-growing member of the Pinus genus. Thanks to their fast growth rate, they're often cultivated for their lumber; that quick growth also makes them a perfect choice for the landscape.

Loblolly Pine Trees in the Landscape

Loblolly pines trees make a lovely addition to the home landscape. Their low maintenance needs and fast growth rate make them an ideal choice for anyone who wants to add privacy to their home quickly without waiting years for trees to grow tall. They're also a great choice for a living fence or to create a windbreak on your property.

Loblolly pine trees offer benefits to the surrounding environment, too. Because they're evergreens, they provide winter cover for wildlife, such as birds and squirrels who eat the pine's seeds. The eastern pine elfin butterfly loves to rest in loblolly pines on their annual spring migration, too.

When it's time to add a fast-growing tree to your landscape, don't forget the loblolly pine. 

Loblolly Pine Tree - TN Nursery

Loblolly Pine Tree

Loblolly pine tree is a tall evergreen with long, slender needles and large, brown cones, recognized for its economic importance in the timber industry and widespread distribution in the southeastern United States. The Loblolly pine tree is an evergreen member of the conifer family. Instead of leaves, it grows pine needles and brown cones that contain seeds that produce the next generations of them. Other Physical Characteristics of Loblolly Tree This type of conifer typically grows to be about 100 to 130 feet tall and has a typical diameter of less than 10 feet. However, these do have the capability to exceed 150 feet tall and more than 20 feet around in certain environments. The needles fall off every two years, and most of them fall off during the late fall or winter months. On average, they will grow about two feet per year. Loblolly Tree Are Highly Versatile If you are looking for something that will soak up a significant amount of water, acquiring this product may be in your best interest. Alternatively, you can use smaller versions of these as landscaping tools to add some color to your garden or to create a natural border that will make your garden pop. As these tend to grow relatively quickly, you can also make use of them as a privacy shield to keep your neighbors from prying into your business. Enjoy a Pleasant Aroma Throughout the Year With Loblolly Tree As with other conifers, the needles on this type of natural resource will create a strong and favorable aroma throughout the year. The pinecones also tend to create their own aroma, which can help make your home a more relaxing and comfortable place. You may also be able to use the needles or cones to create cleaning products that offer a natural scent. Improve the Air Quality Around Your Property With Loblolly Tree In addition to their fragrant aroma, this type of conifer can do a great job of taking excess carbon dioxide out of the air. In fact, some believe that interacting with higher levels of carbon dioxide can help protect the tree during periods of cooler weather. Therefore, you get the benefit of better outdoor air while helping yours to survive for many years to come.

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