Water Lilies

Water Lilies | Facts and Information

The weather is warmer, the birds are chirping, and everything seems to be in full bloom. As the warm weather approaches, it brings ball games, swimming pool days, playing in the park, and various other outdoor activities- that's what spring is about!

Springtime also brings about the fever to plant and play in the dirt. No, I am not talking about mudholes and sandboxes but gardening, landscaping, and all the outdoor projects you wanted to do.

Did you know that water gardens are one of the most popular features added to the home yard in the world today?

Water gardens bring a sense of peacefulness and pleasure to anyone who is around them. Water gardens bring a certain amount of excitement to a child, just wondering if there are fish swimming around or the excitement of an adult to watch as new species of plants grow amongst them.

Cattails, water lilies, Waterlilies, watercress, and the umbrella plant are just a few of the best water plants. All these plants are low maintenance and do well in either shade or sun.

Water lilies make an attractive addition to a water garden or pond because they float ever so gracefully on top of the water. Come in a wide variety of colors, such as yellow, pink, and red, to name a few.

Watching water lilies float on top of the water as the frogs jump about makes for a great afternoon of fun.

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