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Top 5 Nurseries To Buy Plants Online

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Top 5 US Nurseries To Buy Plants From

Online marketplaces have increased shopping conveniences across different categories, including the plant category. Due to these advancements, you can quickly get your desired plants and nurture them effectively with the expert help of online vendors. However, most plant lovers need help locating a reliable and trustworthy vendor to deliver healthy plants to their doorstep. Here is a list of the best places to buy plants online. Please look at our top 5 picks.

TN Nursery - Voted the #1 Nursery To Buy Plants From

TN Nursery tops the list of the best places to buy plants online. The company runs a mail-order plant nursery in Tennessee Valley with an extensive collection of flowers, trees, and shrubs. Apart from the extensive plant collection, the company's website offers resourceful information about the plants, the packaging techniques during shipping, and planting instructions.

With a core commitment to excellent customer service, TN Nursery guarantees its customers high-quality and affordable trees alongside extra-fast delivery services. The nursery also allows customers to order their plants and request a later delivery date if they are not ready for immediate delivery. The company owners, Dennis and Tammy Sons, are dedicated to running a repeat business by ensuring they involve themselves in the company's daily operations.

The plant categories available at the nursery include the following:

• Fruit and nut plants
• Trees Shrubs
Perennial plants
• Ferns
• Moss
• Vines
• Specialty Plants

Tree Nursery Co - Voted #2 Best Place To Buy Plants From

As an affiliate company of TN Nursery, Tree Nursery is one of the largest marketplaces where you can buy plants online. The nursery guarantees plant growers the best selection of premium plants freshly dug for delivery.
Among the plant selection available at the nursery are the following:
• Native Plants
• Perennial plants
• Grass plants
• Vines
• Wetland and Aquatic plants
• Wildflower trees and shrubs

The nursery also guarantees plant growers affordable prices for specimen nursery stock and landscaping supplies. You can also place an order for your desired plants and schedule the delivery at a later date.

Wholesale Nursery Co - 3rd Best Nursery Online

The Tennessee Wholesale Nursery is also an affiliate company to TN Nursery that specializes in selling large plant quantities at wholesale prices. The nursery is one of the most reputable places to buy plants online, especially if you want to purchase plants in bulk order. The wholesale online nursery guarantees the shipping of healthy and disease-free plants to 49 states except New York State.

The wholesale nursery specializes in the following plants:
• Trees
• Woody perennials
• Native ferns
• Live mosses
• Native plants

Most of the plants in the wholesale nursery are sold bare root shipped immediately after digging to safe delivery. The nursery protects the plant roots by applying tera sob and surrounding the roots with plastic to enhance moisture. The plastics are then put in boxes or burlap for shipping. This way. You will receive your bulk order in excellent condition.

The Sill

The Sill is also among the top picks to buy plants online. The online plant marketplace offers an extensive collection of indoor and outdoor plants like air plant options, ferns, figs, snake plant varieties, succulents, and orchids. The company is committed to assisting plant lovers in caring for plants by offering vital resources for Beginners and Pet Parents. The company also prides itself on guaranteeing fast shipping of quality and healthy plants.

The main shopping categories at The Sill include the following:
• Plants
• Planters
• Plant Care
• Faux Plants
• Home & Décor
• Blooming & Bouquets
• Gift Ideas

The Sill also has ten local plant stores in five states where you can stop by and explore the store's products and services. The locations include San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Bethesda, Boston, New York City, and Brooklyn.

Greenery NYC

Greenery NYC is also one of the top places to buy plants online. The specialty store connects plant lovers to designers and horticulturists who will guide them on incorporating nature into their homes, outdoor space, and office.

The company specializes in the following categories:
• Office Plants: This category is specifically inclined towards creating a beautiful aesthetic in your work environment. This process involves thoroughly consulting your needs and style, creating a custom design proposal, and installing the plants.
• Green Walls: In this category, the plant experts must complete an entire suite assessment to determine the best green wall system for your space. Typical systems include the tray, hydroponic, and felt pockets.
• Landscape Designs: The landscape design category help to transform outdoor spaces into beautiful garden terraces.
• Interior Maintenance: This category involves interior plant care packages that help maintain plants.

Generally, there are numerous online marketplaces from which you can order plants of different varieties. Most of them will offer guides on how to care for your plants, including the planting conditions. This way, the customized resources make it easier for you to care for your plants and transform your spaces into beautiful, fresh, and verdant spots.