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Tn Nursery Reviews From High End Clientele

Tennessee Wholesale Nursery Feedback - It's Important To Us

Trump Plaza Trees! Tn Nursery is Product to Get Your Review

TN Nursery has been one rewarding experience. The Ferns I receive from them appear to be growing in my hands with fresh fronds attached, and I get great satisfaction and repeat sales from my clients. Thanks, TNN! Sylvia Butler-The Hostas At Sissinghurst Tennessee Nursery to N.Y.C. in less than anticipated time! Fourteen hours in a semi. Good trees & good work Tn-Your service is second to none. Trump Plaza Trees - N.Y.C.

Discovery Channel, Thank You For Your Kind TN Nursery Review

My request was slightly odd – I needed to get deciduous trees to Arizona! As part of a new series for the Discovery channel, we wanted to film Bud's opening with time-lapse photography. Tammy completely understood what we needed, the time deadline we were up against, and the problems we had previously encountered with suppliers. Filming for Discovery always means going that extra mile - Tammy immediately identified trees perfect for our needs and shipped and got them to the set on time, arriving in excellent condition; they were ready for us to begin filming! A massive thank you to Tammy and the team at T.N. Nursery for their excellent service and the quality of trees – and for saving the day! Mandi Stark Discovery Production Wildlife

Tennessee Wholesale Nursery is a retail and wholesale state-certified nursery grower of quality trees, shrubs, perennials, wetlands, and native plants and trees. Our availability exceeds most growers in the industry, with over 3200 acres of availability to choose from.

THE BATTERY CONSERVANCY- Thank You For Your Kind Feedback of TN Nursery

We love the Nursery stock you sent me; they were as advertised, both healthy and good-sized. Giovanni Landscaping - Long Island, NY We love Tennessee Wholesale Nursery. Everything we have received in the past is alive and doing well in Battery's 5-acres of perennial gardens. Sigrid Gray, Director of Horticulture The Battery Conservancy 1 New York Plaza Concourse New York, NY 10004

History Channel's Star of Swamp People Troy Landry - We Appreciate Your Feedback

My wife and I always buy our plants from Tennessee Nursery. 

Swamp People on The History's Channel, Troy Landry

TN Nursery Feedback - About Tennessee Wholesale Nursery

We are located in the heart of the nursery capitol near McMinnville, Tennessee. Garden Delights Nursery is a family-owned and operated Plant Nursery that offers quality trees, shrubs, perennials, vines, wildflowers, ferns, live stakes, and B&B trees at affordable wholesale grower prices.

Our company started in 1938 as a family-owned and operated business. Since we've grown to have an inventory of over 3200 acres, and after 56 years and three generations of nursery workers, we are still going strong.

Tennessee Wholesale Nursery Opening in the late 1930s was an exciting and humbling beginning. We started with only a couple of acres and hand plows with mules. Now we have state-of-the-art transplanters and tree-digging spades to do most of the work for us. The grower part of nursery life is a hands-on event. Knowing what the industry expects at quality and price makes us leaders with knowledge, unlike plant brokers or resellers. We plant enough stock to provide for large mail-order nurseries, significant retailers, landscapers, and other nurseries looking for deeply discounted prices on quality Grade A plants and trees.

From Tennessee Wholesale Nursery to TN Nursery in 2010

2010 Changed The Way We Sold Plants In 2010 due to an unprecedented number of individuals and homeowner's calling asking if they could buy just "1 or 2 plants," we decided to offer smaller quantities at sub-retail prices after much deliberation. Still 50% less than most online nurseries or garden centers for those who only want 1 or 2 plants to grow in their yard or flower gardens. It has turned our strictly wholesale nursery business into one that was instantly an overnight success with homeowners and wholesalers alike. With our super low wholesale prices on large quantities, we still offer the lowest prices online or off on nursery plants and trees. We ship large volume bare root orders common carrier on a semi. Smaller homeowner orders ship USPS and deliver within 3-5 days. All you need to do is choose your selection and order online and allow us to do the rest for you. Our website has the highest security encryption, and we have had a 0% fraud rate since we began accepting credit cards online over 38 years ago.

Affordable Plants at TN Nursery

Shipping rates are affordable, and we guarantee you an excellent experience whenever you order from Garden Delights Nursery. Regardless of a small $20 order or a large wholesale $15,000 order, we treat each customer the same and offer them superior plants, packaged to be fresh on arrival and in excellent condition. We not only get to meet nursery architects and business developers at trade shows across the country but now, since going online, we get to meet a broader spectrum of people, including homeowners, master gardeners, pathologists, horticulturists, agriculturists, business associates, company owners as well as some c.e.os and presidents of huge organizations we are helping to obtain their landscaping desires for their corporations.

Our ventures include the help of landscape and design for some highly prestigious clientele with our affordable landscaping trees and shrubs. We know quality from the Washington Monument, Trump Towers, and Arlington National Cemetery to the State of Tennessee Department of Parks. We price our nursery trees and shrubs affordable to obtain a large percentage of the customer's landscaping jobs on a budget, not to mention those that are frugal with their resources and looking for the best prices on quality landscaping trees and plants online.

You will also find that our tree nursery is family-owned and operated. The best part of our business is that it is done entirely online, so you won't have to worry about going to any specific location. The shipping is fast and easy. We will ship your order directly to your home or office at an affordable price. All of our plants will be packaged neatly to ensure safe delivery. Rest easy knowing that you will get your order exactly how you wanted it

A Tennessee Wholesale Nursery Review From Dezra

.Hi Tammy: I hope you had a great summer and at least got to take a vacation between being deluged with nursery sales! We just returned from visiting my middle son and his wife in Texas. I'd never been to Texas before and was quite surprised at all the green there was - I thought Texas was supposed to be primarily hot desert and cactus! We went on parts of Route 66, which had all the great 50's nostalgic buildings: mom-and-pop motels, soda fountains, and gas stations. We met my oldest son and his wife and my second oldest son and his girlfriend in Vegas on the way back. We all gained at least a few pounds eating at the buffets there! I love the morning glories I ordered from you, and my two little pecan trees are doing well (one is already getting bushy on the top). I haven't got the French morning glories you talked about out of my mind - I would love to have those, Tammy. I am happy to pay something for them and the s/h, or at least let me pay for the s/h. I'm grateful for this and excited to grow these morning glories. Please let me know how much and how I should pay you. Thank you again so much! Best wishes, Dezra

Lee's Trees Offers TN Nursery a Happy Review

Tn, Could you use some happy news? Here it is: W.O.W.! Y'all outdid yourselves again, sending us bigger, better baby dogwood trees than we had expected (or probably paid for). As you assured, they made it through the extra week+ and just finely nestled in potting soil in my brother-in-law's garage. I wish you could have seen the crowd and heard people's comments when they came through the line at our THIRD Lee's Trees event on the 12th...Over and over again, folks commented on how healthy-looking the little trees were and their large, robust root systems. More than 200 people came from all over the New River Valley to adopt one, some waiting in line for as long as 45 minutes (one gentleman stood there with an oxygen tank!)

Many told of their success with trees adopted in previous years, with one lady even bringing photos of her trees to show us that they are thriving)...Several asked about our source, and I would like to know if you want to send some flyers or other promotional literature for us to give next year. One newspaper editor called me for comments before the event based on an earlier letter I sent you that is still posted on your website. I am grateful to have T.N. Nursery as our partner in this memorial to our Mama. Heartfelt thanks to you, Di, and your staff for everything you have done to help make Lee's Trees an annual event in southwest Virginia. Blessing Joanna Angle

Thanks PJ Algier For Your Kind Review of Tennessee Wholesale Nursery

I ordered plants for a restoration project; they were indeed specimens, as they claim! I was amazed at the knowledge Tammy had. She never let her knowledge "go to her head. She helped me figure out what I needed in what soil conditions, the cheapest plants for the job, and an excellent way to be treated with unsurpassed customer service! The nicest people are answering the phones to date I've ever experienced! Pamela Barnes P Barnes/Long Island Planting Committee THANK YOU so much for your VERY KIND attention to detail--I am happy to be doing business with a hands-on company like T.N. Nursery--the first of many orders, I am sure!!!! :) Best regards to you, Dennis, Tammy & Susan, P.J.R. Algier (Patrick)

Kevin, We appreciate the kind review - Tennessee Wholesale Nursery

I'm letting you know. I ordered 25 pear trees from you. I was VERY HAPPY with the trees and how they were shipped and handled. Thank you very much! Kevin Huey - Ackworth Ga

Thank you Doug! TN Nursery Appreciates Your Kind Review As Well

I just wanted to take a moment to "thank you" for your outstanding customer service. My plants arrived in just three days, and they exceeded my expectations. T.N. Nursery had the lowest price, fast delivery, and excellent service!

Thanks, Doug Bowmer [email protected] Bridgeton CT

Thank You Femia - Tennessee Wholesale Nursery Appreciate Your Kind Review!

I appreciate your support and would recommend your nursery to all my associates. Again thanks for your support Femia Mcelveen - Melville NY

Sedgick County Zoo ! Thank You, TN Nursery Thinks Your Pretty Special TOO!

Dear Tennessee Nursery, The selection of naturalization plants you have is terrific. I needed help finding Aralia Spinosa, perfect quality plants that wouldn't cost me an arm and a leg to ship. Your bare root plants worked great both on the cost and quality end. Also, thank you for your promptness in shipping. I'm in Kansas, I ordered on a Saturday evening, and the plants were here on Tuesday morning. We will do business in the future. Thank You, Kiel Snyder Sedgwick County Zoo - Horticulture Dept. M.S.

Thank You For Your Review of Tennessee Wholesale Nursery Iris Gardener

Tennessee Wholesale Nursery is the BEST as far as I am concerned. They have good quality stock and very reasonable rates and are always available for questions and ordering. The website is easy to use, and the availability is always there to keep the customer updated. We usually pick up our order, and it is always ready on time and with a friendly face to greet us. Thank you, Tennessee Wholesale Nursery, Nursery you make my day! Bloomsnbuds is Excellent nursery stock! It arrives very quickly and is well packaged. I will be buying from TN Nursery for a very long time! Iris Gardner - Phoenix, AZ

Thank You Country Lane Gardens For Your Kind Feedback of TN Nursery

We have enjoyed doing business with TN NurseryNursery all of our plants arrive in good condition and are of nice size with a beautiful root system; the price can't be beat. Country Lane Garden - Roanoak VA

Thanks John Tonkin For Your Kind Review of TN Nursery

Thank you for all the beautiful plants we have purchased from your company over the years. Every plant has been of superior quality with an excellent root system. We receive our orders in the fall and usually have 7 to 10-gallon plants ready to sell by the spring. The helpfulness and knowledge of the staff are unsurpassed. Your practice of running your business like a "family-owned" one makes the customer feel comfortable and not like dealing with mega-companies that we so often have to deal with. The shipping has always turned out well, and any problems I have encountered, which are very few, have always been dealt with quickly and courteously. Once again, thank you for your superior service and superior product. John Tonkin Green-Up Nursery Florida