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The Red Trillium plant

Red Trillium Plant

The Trillium Erectum is a perennial flowering plant with many names and is best known as the Red Trillium. The most noticeable feature of the Red Trillium is its three burgundy-shaded blossoms that sit nestled within three triangular leaves. The flowering plant is an attractive perennial that benefits the entire landscape by encouraging pollinators to the garden. The scent of the blossoms lures in pollinating flies that help the plant propagate and enable the growth of other flowers and fruits.

The Red Trillium blooms in spring but remains a focal point in gardens throughout summer.


A berry-like fruit, a popular food source for many birds, will eventually replace the large blossoms on the fast-producing plant. The green foliage of the Red Trillium will continue to grow for several months after the flowers fade.

The Red Trillium grows in full and partial shade in well-drained soils but needs some sunlight in the spring to begin its growth. The plant is tolerant of both acidic and alkaline soils. Gardeners can safely divide their established Red Trillium plants during mid to late summer.

The Red Trillium grows wild in many parts of the northern United States because of its hardiness in colder temperatures. It also thrives in warmer climates, making it an excellent choice for gardeners in many zones. It typically does best in zones 3-8 but can grow in other zones as a potted plant or when planted in protected areas. Fully mature, the Red Trillium can grow up to 18 inches tall and 12 inches wide. The flowers are large, growing up to 4 inches across.

When planted alone, the red trillium is eye-catching, but it also acts as an appealing accent around shrubs and trees.


Many gardeners use these colorful perennial plants for borders because of their size and because they are deer and rabbit resistant. Gardeners can plant the bulbs in early spring or early fall. Shipments of the plants arrive at the appropriate time for planting. Most gardeners will appreciate how little maintenance the plants require. The Red trillium offers gardeners of all skill levels an exotic-looking plant at an affordable price.