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Squirrel-proof Your Bird-feeder

There are several ways to squirrel proof a bird feeder, for example, placing a bird feeder outside and in an open area versus hanging from a tree.

The better idea would be to place it hanging from a smooth metal pole instead of a tree so that the squirrels will have a more challenging time climbing the pole to get to the birdfeeder. The best way is to make sure it is not anywhere that a squirrel could leap off something to get to the birdfeeder.

The squirrels can eat and eat and never be whole. They will feast upon the birdseed in the feeder until the bird feeders are empty with no more seed for the birds. You can even buy or design your feeders so that the opening to the birdseed closes when a certain amount of weight is applied to the bird feeder.

The types of bird feeders you buy can also determine whether or not the squirrels can get to it. Some of the worst bird feeders you can buy for a bird that many squirrels get into are plastic or wooden bird feeders because the squirrels can chew and claw their way into the feeder until the seed is pouring out the ground.

Another tip to keep squirrels away is to make sure you clean up the old birdseed on the ground under the bird feeders so that the birds do not eat the old and rotten seed. The excess seed also attracts the squirrel as a more “fair game” food because it is on the ground. These are a couple of valuable tips on how to rid your bird feeders of these tree-climbing squirrels. I hope they help you as much as they have helped me.

Source of Information on how to Squirrel Proof your Bird Feeders



Pan and Plank Bird Feeder Kit - Guaranteed To Attract 5x's More Birds - TN Nursery

Pan and Plank Bird Feeder Kit - Guaranteed To Attract 5x's More Birds

The Pan and Plank Bird Feeder Kit is the ultimate solution for attracting an astonishing variety of birds, bringing nature's beauty to your doorstep. Pan Plank Bird Feeder Kit Includes: 1 Plank 36" In Length 1 Pan 1 Gallon of Bird Seed Mix (You Choose What Type of fowl You Want To Feed) 4 Screws (use 2 to attach the plank to your railing and 2 to attach the pan to the end of the plank) Assembly is super easy. Drill a few small holes in the bottom of the feeder pan so it drains when it rains or snows. * We sell about 40 of these per day. All wood is derived from yellow pine tree logs on our nursery farm, cut from our sawmill, and made to order. Shipping will be 3-6 days after we receive your order. The Pan and Plank Bird Feeder Kit is crafted with durable, weather-resistant materials for long-lasting performance. It features a sturdy metal pan and a beautifully designed wooden plank. The spacious pan serves as a feeding platform, while the plank offers a charming perch for birds to rest. This kit's unique design guarantees to attract five times more birds with multiple feeding stations, providing ample space for seeds, nuts, or fruits. Enhance your backyard birdwatching experience with this innovative feeder. Benefits Unmatched Bird Attraction: Designed to attract five times more birds with multiple feeding stations. Durable Construction: Made with high-quality, weather-resistant metal and wood for long-lasting use. Ample Feeding Space: Spacious pan allows multiple birds to feed simultaneously. Charming Perching Option: The rustic wooden plank offers a secure perch for birds. Easy to Install: Simple setup on trees, poles, or walls. Low Maintenance: Easy-to-clean metal pan with drainage holes to keep food fresh. Aesthetically Pleasing: Adds rustic charm to any outdoor space with its natural wood finish. Educational and Therapeutic: Encourages learning about bird species and promotes relaxation. Eco-Friendly: Supports local ecosystems by attracting beneficial birds. Great Gift Idea: Perfect for bird lovers and nature enthusiasts.   Tips to Maintain the Pan and Plank Bird Feeder Kit:   Regular Cleaning: Clean the pan and plank with mild soap. Clean Spilled Seeds: Remove any spilled seeds to prevent attracting pests. Refill Fresh Food: Keep the feeder stocked with fresh, high-quality bird food. Monitor Water Drainage: Clear drainage holes to prevent water pooling. Protect from Predators: Use baffles or guards to keep squirrels and raccoons away. Adjust Feeder Placement: Experiment with different locations to attract various birds. Seasonal Considerations: Protect the feeder during extreme weather conditions. Preventive Maintenance: Check for and repair any damage regularly. Observe and Learn: Observe birds to understand their preferences. Enjoy and Appreciate: Enjoy watching the birds and the beauty they bring to your backyard.   Additional Highlights Of The Pan And Plank Bird Feeder Kit   Handcrafted Quality: Handly engineered with a galvanized steel pan and pine wood plank for durability and charm. Invented by a Bird Lover: Inspired by an 86-year-old bird watcher from Lynchburg, TN, ensuring it’s designed with bird enthusiasts in mind. Versatile Placement: Perfect for attaching to a deck or porch railings for close-up birdwatching. Order the Pan and Plank Bird Feeder Kit today and transform your outdoor space into a lively bird sanctuary. Experience the beauty and tranquility of nature right in your backyard.  

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