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Wind Protection for Your Plants

Protecting plants from wind is something that should be on the mind of any gardener.

We may not think of wind as damaging to plants, but the wind will speed up the evaporation process in the ground, depriving your plants of much-needed moisture. Though plants can survive independently, for the most part, they will still need your help regarding the harsh elements. When it is windy outside, check the soil quality by placing your index finger on the ground to see how dry it is and add the necessary water to keep moisture inside. Protecting plants from the elements is essential since wind can transmit pores and bacteria, laying the foundation for mold growth.

One way to remedy this is to lay down some mulch where your plant can retain moisture and protect your soil from the elements. Winds from thunderstorms can offset your soil bed and possibly damage your plants. Protecting plants from the elements may also require a protective screen blocking the strong wind. Get a sense of wind direction and place any screen against the oncoming wind to shield your plants from harm. If you live in areas prone to extreme weather, they have small screens handy in case of sudden bursts in the air. You can also use natural barriers like shrubs or bushes to protect fragile plants.

Be sure to prune your plants regularly to get rid of weak stems and leaves to ensure healthy plants that can withstand strong wind.

Try to avoid screens since solid wind can blow them away and possibly snag on your plants, damaging them. There are also wind-resistant trees such as mountain ash compact willows, which are great plants to grow and provide plenty of wind protection against more fragile plants. Protecting plants from wind is necessary when young plants are trying to grow independently. Wind can blow away the soil nutrients they need while damaging them simultaneously. The best way to remedy this is a barrier, natural or artificial, which will significantly help cut down on wind damage. Purchase a wind direction device to get a sense of the wind and set up your barrier accordingly. If you have indoor plants, then bring them indoors and away from outside harm.

Source of Information on How to Protect Plants from Wind and Other Conditions