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Planting Bare Root Trees | Information

Bare Root Trees Are Sleeping Trees

It can be startling when you first get a bare root tree in the mail. You open it up, and honestly, for all intents and purposes, it looks dead. And not just dead, but dead as a doornail. First off, don't worry. Your plant is just dormant or sleeping.

It's the BEST time to ship it, believe it or not. Since the plant is dormant during shipping, it does not get shocked by the changes in light or temperature.

When you carefully plant it, add moisture, and proper conditions, it will wake up from its hibernation and greet you with a sleepy stretch, new leaves, and a face turned toward the sun.

Follow the step-by-step instructions in TN Nursery's instructional video to plant your bare root trees.

TN Nursery offers a wide selection of bare-root trees