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Ordering Trees Online | What to Know

Weeping Willow

Most of us love to utilize space in our yard or garden by growing amazing trees that can add color, effect, and texture to the landscape.

However, due to a busy schedule, finding and visiting an excellent local nursery to purchase plants and trees becomes quite a hassle. Mail-order nurseries allow placing orders online, and the ordered items are delivered to your shipping address, so you do not have to go anywhere.

Mail Order Gardening has become relatively popular these days because most people are tech-savvy and can place orders online through the internet. Some of the types of trees that can be purchased through mail order are—

Shade Trees

—Shade trees are great for a huge garden or backyard. These trees eventually grow and become dense, covering the branches with beautiful foliage that provides shade. You can also plant shade trees for privacy as they obstruct the view due to their thick foliage blanket. Some common shade trees available in tree nurseries are Hybrid Poplar, Royal Empress, Majestic Oak, Sycamore, American Elm Tree, and Maple tree varieties.

Fruit Trees

—Growing fruit trees in your garden be rewarding during the harvest season. You can try growing some great fruit trees in your garden for a fresh supply of mouth-watering fruits. Some fantastic fruit trees planted in home gardens are Cherry Tree, Fruiting Crab Apple, Apple Tree, Apricot Tree, Pear Tree, and Paw Paw tree. All these trees bear delicious fruits that can be consumed either fresh or used to prepare desserts, cakes, and pies.

Privacy Trees

—Privacy trees can be planted as hedges or even border plants. You can plant some standard trees as privacy trees are Leyland Cypress, Eastern Hemlock, Canadian Hemlock, Pine Tree, Privet Shrub, Spruce Tree, and White Pine.

Flowering Trees

—Flowering trees bear beautiful flowers during the blooming season that cover the entire tree in attractive colors. Flowering trees include Southern Magnolia, Pink Weeping Cherry, Crape Myrtle, White Dogwood, Cleveland Pear, Pink Dogwood, Tulip Poplar, etc.

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Northern Privet

Northern Privet

Northern Privet is dense,  semi-evergreen shrub with small, dark green leaves and inconspicuous white flowers, frequently used for hedges and landscaping. It is a versatile and hardy shrub, offers several valuable benefits when integrated into landscaping designs. Its dense growth habit, adaptability, contributions to aesthetics, functional uses, and ease of maintenance combine to make it a sought-after choice for enhancing various outdoor spaces. One of the key advantages of using it in landscaping is its dense and compact growth habit. The shrub's closely spaced branches and foliage create a natural barrier that can be an effective hedge, screen, or privacy wall. This attribute makes it a popular choice for creating defined spaces within the landscape or for blocking unsightly views. The adaptability of it further enhances its value in landscaping. It can thrive in many soil types and tolerate different light conditions, from full sun to partial shade. This adaptability allows for versatile placement within the garden, whether in open areas or beneath taller trees. Its capacity to withstand urban pollution also makes it suitable for city landscapes. Its contributions to aesthetics significantly influence its popularity. Northern Privet's dense foliage remains green throughout the growing season, creating a lush and vibrant backdrop that adds visual interest to the landscape. It can be used as a backdrop for other plants, a foundation planting, or a backdrop to highlight other design elements. Functional uses add to their value in landscaping. Beyond its role as a hedge or screen, it can be pruned into various shapes, such as topiaries or formal hedges, allowing creative design possibilities. It can also create windbreaks, absorb noise, or provide a backdrop for outdoor entertaining areas, enhancing aesthetics and functionality. Low-maintenance characteristics make it a practical choice for landscapers. Its rapid growth rate and ability to tolerate pruning mean it can be easily managed to maintain the desired shape and size. Additionally, it is resistant to diseases, reducing the need for frequent interventions. In conclusion, the Northern privet offers a range of benefits when used in landscaping projects. Its dense growth habit, adaptability, contributions to aesthetics, functional uses, and ease of maintenance make it a versatile and valuable addition to various outdoor spaces. By thoughtfully incorporating it into landscape designs, one can create visually appealing, functional, and easily managed gardens that enhance the outdoor environment's beauty and utility. Order your Northern Privet from TN Nursery today!   Northern Privet, scientifically known as Ligustrum obtusifolium, is a deciduous shrub that enchants its understated beauty and versatile utility. This shrub is native to East Asia and has found a welcoming home in many gardens and landscapes across North America and Europe. Standing at heights ranging from 8 to 15 feet, it is a modest yet elegant addition to any natural setting. Its branches bear simple, opposite leaves that are dark green and slightly glossy, lending a touch of refinement to its appearance. It awakens from its winter slumber in spring with clusters of small, tubular, white flowers that gracefully drape from its branches. These delicate blossoms exude a sweet fragrance, tempting pollinators and adding a hint of charm to the garden. Northern Privet Has Small Black Berries       As summer approaches, the flowers give way to small, spherical black fruits that subtly contrast the lush green foliage. These fruits are inconspicuous but contribute to the plant's overall aesthetic appeal. Its adaptability makes it a favorite among gardeners and landscapers. It is highly tolerant of various soil types and can flourish in full sun to partial shade, making it an excellent choice for different environmental conditions. Gardeners commonly use this plant as a hedge, screen, or border due to its dense growth habit. It delivers privacy and acts as a natural windbreak.  While Northern Privet may not boast flamboyant colors or ostentatious features, its unassuming elegance and versatility make it an invaluable addition to gardens and landscapes. Its power to adjust and flourish in diverse settings speaks to its enduring appeal, ensuring that it remains a cherished choice for those seeking a touch of understated beauty in their outdoor spaces.

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Silky Dogwood

Silky Dogwood

Silky Dogwood boasts vibrant green foliage during the growing season, transitioning to a rich burgundy hue in the fall.This autumnal transformation can contribute to a captivating and ever-changing landscape throughout the year. The shrub's branching structure also provides an elegant silhouette, making it an eye-catching focal point in gardens and natural areas. It is a versatile, attractive shrub with numerous landscaping benefits. It's unique and an excellent choice for various outdoor settings, adding visual appeal and functional value. Its adaptability to various soil conditions enhances its value in landscaping. It thrives in moist, wet soil, making it an ideal choice for rain gardens, shoreline stabilization, and other areas with excess moisture. Its ability to prevent erosion due to its fibrous root system is particularly beneficial for landscapes with slopes or areas susceptible to runoff. Wildlife enthusiasts will appreciate it for its role in supporting local ecosystems. The shrub produces white flowers in spring, followed by bluish-white berries that persist into winter. These berries serve as a valuable food source for birds, including migratory birds and gamebirds, helping to foster biodiversity and create a more vibrant environment. Furthermore, its growth habit and size make it a versatile addition to landscaping designs. It can be used as a barrier, or border plant, offering formal and informal garden layout options. Its ability to grow in both sun and partial shade further increases its versatility and potential applications. In conclusion, silky dogwood presents a range of benefits for landscaping purposes. Its aesthetic appeal, adaptability to different soil conditions, erosion control capabilities, and role in supporting wildlife make it valuable in creating visually pleasing and ecologically rich outdoor spaces. Homeowners and landscape professionals can enjoy this shrub's numerous advantages by incorporating it into landscaping designs. Buy your Silky Dogwood from TN Nursery! The Silky Dogwood (Cornus amomum) is a deciduous shrub that is native to eastern North America, and it belongs to the Cornaceae family. This versatile and attractive shrub is renowned for its aesthetic appeal and ecological significance. Standing 6 to 10 feet tall, the Silky Dogwood is a medium-sized shrub that can add elegance and beauty to various landscapes. The shrub has elliptical, opposite leaves that are soft and silky to the touch. Its deep green vegetation delivers a lush background for tiny white flowers that bloom in late spring. These flowers are clustered in flattened groups called cymes and are a vital nectar source for bees and butterflies. As summer transitions to fall, it transforms dramatically. The once-green leaves turn vibrant shades of purple, red, and burgundy, creating a breathtaking display of autumn colors. This makes it popular for adding seasonal interest to gardens and natural areas. Silky Dogwood Is Great For Maintaining Ecosystem Health Silky Dogwood is more than just a pretty sight - it is essential for maintaining ecosystem health. Its dense, multi-stemmed growth pattern provides ideal cover and nesting sites for little mammals and birds. The shrub's small, glossy blue-black fruits are a beneficial food origin for different wildlife species, including game birds and songbirds. While not commonly used in cooking, the fruit is vital to the food chain. Gardeners and landscapers often incorporate it into their designs to enhance the visual appeal of wetlands, stream banks, and riparian areas. Its adaptability to different dirt types and its tolerance to wet conditions make it an excellent choice for stabilizing eroding riverbanks and controlling soil erosion. In conclusion, the Silky Dogwood is a remarkable deciduous shrub that offers much more than just aesthetic beauty. Its silky textured leaves, delicate white flowers, and vibrant autumn foliage make it stand out in any landscape. Additionally, its ecological value as a wildlife habitat and erosion control tool makes it valuable to gardeners and the natural environment. 

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