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Ordering Trees Online | What to Know

Most of us love to utilize space in our yard or garden by growing amazing trees that can add color, effect, and texture to the landscape.

However, due to a busy schedule, finding and visiting an excellent local nursery to purchase plants and trees becomes quite a hassle. Mail-order nurseries allow placing orders online, and the ordered items are delivered to your shipping address, so you do not have to go anywhere.

Mail Order Gardening has become relatively popular these days because most people are tech-savvy and can place orders online through the internet. Some of the types of trees that can be purchased through mail order are—

Shade Trees

—Shade trees are great for a huge garden or backyard. These trees eventually grow and become dense, covering the branches with beautiful foliage that provides shade. You can also plant shade trees for privacy as they obstruct the view due to their thick foliage blanket. Some common shade trees available in tree nurseries are Hybrid Poplar, Royal Empress, Majestic Oak, Sycamore, American Elm Tree, and Maple tree varieties.

Fruit Trees

—Growing fruit trees in your garden be rewarding during the harvest season. You can try growing some great fruit trees in your garden for a fresh supply of mouth-watering fruits. Some fantastic fruit trees planted in home gardens are Cherry Tree, Fruiting Crab Apple, Apple Tree, Apricot Tree, Pear Tree, and Paw Paw tree. All these trees bear delicious fruits that can be consumed either fresh or used to prepare desserts, cakes, and pies.

Privacy Trees

—Privacy trees can be planted as hedges or even border plants. You can plant some standard trees as privacy trees are Leyland Cypress, Eastern Hemlock, Canadian Hemlock, Pine Tree, Privet Shrub, Spruce Tree, and White Pine.

Flowering Trees

—Flowering trees bear beautiful flowers during the blooming season that cover the entire tree in attractive colors. Flowering trees include Southern Magnolia, Pink Weeping Cherry, Crape Myrtle, White Dogwood, Cleveland Pear, Pink Dogwood, Tulip Poplar, etc.

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Northern Privet - TN Nursery

Northern Privet

Northern Privet is a dense, semi-evergreen shrub with small, dark green leaves and inconspicuous white flowers, frequently used for hedges and landscaping. It is a versatile and hardy shrub that offers several valuable benefits when integrated into landscaping designs. Its dense growth habit, adaptability, contributions to aesthetics, functional uses, and ease of maintenance combine to make it a sought-after choice for enhancing various outdoor spaces. Enjoy Dense Foliage Of Northern Privet The northern privet shrub adds lots of dense foliage to your yard with its compact and fast growth habit. When planted in rows or clusters, you can use their broad leaves to create natural privacy screens and wind barriers. These leaves grow close together in clusters, increasing their ability to block unwanted views and high winds. They are extremely easy to prune, making it simple to maintain the desired height and density. Many gardeners use the dense foliage as dramatic accents against other vegetation and landscape elements. Their greenery becomes even more dense when they bloom small, white, tubular flowers. The blooming period usually starts in late May or early June. Create Beautiful Borders With The Shrub Because of its thick, bushy nature, the variant shrub works well as a border plant. Its tiny, dark green leaves give off an air of strict formality and structure. The rapid growth of these shrubs also makes them ideal for creating dense, verdant hedges for walkways. Using these shrubs as borders for a garden or walkway can make the yard healthier in a variety of ways. These plants reduce water runoff, which also helps stabilize the soil and prevent erosion. They also help remove toxic materials from waterways, making the yard even healthier. Edging your lawn with borders can also help with weed control efforts. Add Pleasant Aromas to Your Yard With The Shrub Each year, these plants bloom clusters of little white flowers that give off a pleasant aroma. Their fragrance attracts pollinators like bees, hummingbirds, butterflies, and beetles, which increases your yard's biodiversity. Planting them in clusters or as hedges improves their fragrant effect. Give Your Yard a Classic Appearance With The Shrub A common use for them is to construct garden walls with geometric patterns. Their glossy green leaves are thick and dark, and they can grow up to three feet each year. Most of these shrubs reach heights of eight to ten feet. They usually grow about eight feet wide and have a pyramidal shape.

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Silky Dogwood - TN Nursery

Silky Dogwood

Silky Dogwood boasts vibrant green foliage during the growing season, transitioning to a rich burgundy hue in the fall. This autumnal transformation can contribute to a captivating and ever-changing landscape throughout the year. The shrub's branching structure also provides an elegant silhouette, making it an eye-catching focal point in gardens and natural areas. Silky dogwood is a large, flowering shrub that brings a welcome vibrancy to any space. Its gorgeous blooms, glossy leaves, and bright fruits ensure that it delights in multiple seasons. How Big Does This Shrub Grow This shrub grows quickly, so it won’t take it long to reach its full potential. When mature, it can reach between six feet and 12 feet in both height and spread. What Do Silky Dogwood Flowers Look Like If you appreciate the striking flowers that the trees are famous for, then you’ll understand the appeal of the blooms. These shrubs are also members of the Cornaceae family, and the resemblance in the shape of the flowers is clear. They have tiny star-shaped flowers that are made up of four creamy-white petals. Each individual flower measures roughly half an inch in width. However, the flowers are arranged in flat clusters on single stems. These measure between two and three inches in width. The effect creates the look of lacy bouquets of creamy-white blooms among the shrub’s greenery. Flowers generally appear in May and June.  How Does the Foliage Look  As a deciduous plant, they change their leaves with the seasons. In the spring, there is speedy growth and elliptical leaves in a rich green. The upper sides are dark. The undersides remain paler. Both sides can have soft hairs. This may be where the characteristic silkiness that gives this shrub its name comes from. As for size, leaves measure between two inches and four inches in length. They remain fresh and green throughout the summer. Berries develop in early August. Small and round, they’re initially white. They turn an entrancing porcelain blue as they mature. As fall approaches, the shrub’s leaves transform into shades of purple or red. TN Nursery Offers This Plant And So Much More Their stems have their own appeal. Older branches develop a thin bark that is either gray or deep purple. Younger stems are covered with fine hair and are more colorful. They can be red-purple, purple-lavender, red-burgundy, or brown copper. When you want a flowering shrub that delights in any season, it is a great choice. It counts people, pollinators, and songbirds among its many fans.

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