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The Value of Native Grasses

Native grasses and water plants look tremendous when planted around water bodies and in other areas.

These grasses and plants are unique because they will also work well in preventing soil erosion problems around lakes and ponds and even on steep hills and banks.

Native grasses and water plants will also provide a natural look to all areas they become.

Furthermore, these types of grasses will not need as much water as perennials and other plants.  Native grasses Benefits include that  it will not require much attention to grow and become healthy greens. There are several varieties of native grasses to choose from. These work great when a homeowner is trying to fill in some bare spots on the lawn or fill in an open field. The most famous native grasses are Fox Sedge, Carex Pennsylvania, Blue Gama Grass, and Brome Sedge. The native grasses are excellent because they can withstand arid and drought conditions and survive wet conditions.

Water plants are great to add to a water garden or other areas where the soils are very moist, and some water plants will grow when placed in ponds and lakes. Some very famous ones are Lotus, Pond Lily, and Bulrush. When pond lilies are placed in the water and begin to grow, they will supply a perfect hiding place for aquatic animals such as frogs and fish. They will also provide food for fish and other small water animals. Water plants are straightforward to plant and care for. The directions for planting the great plants will need to be followed so that the water plants will grow and become very healthy. Some water plants will also help with soil erosion problems for homeowners. Water plants come in all sizes so that a homeowner will find the right one to fit in significant water sources like ponds and lakes and small water gardens created on the lawn.

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