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Live Moss is a Perfect Staple To Stagnant Areas, It Cleans The Air

Moss is a soil additive & requires no fertilizers to flourish. This popular gardening product is commonly found in potting soil because it does two things that can be very useful for growing seeds.

First, it can absorb moisture and hold on to it until the roots of the surrounding plants have had their fill. Potting your plants in potting soil that contains peat moss ensures that your plants will be given a chance to absorb the water they need to sustain life.Second, it drains well. Even while it absorbs moisture, it lets go of it when it comes.

This will make it an ideal product for use with many potted plants. It's also a preferred additive in dense, clay-like soil because it improves drainage and helps aerate the soil, creating a better environment for plants that cannot tolerate "wet feet."

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