Blueberry Bush

How To Grow A Blueberry Bush

Thursday, June 9

To get a blueberry bush, you must first determine whether you will plant a full-grown bush or by seed.

Seeds tend to be more rewarding as they need more care, making you appreciate your hard-earned fruit, while plants grow to maturity faster and produce fruit closer to those with busy lives.

Then it would help if you determined an excellent spot to plant your plant or seed. The area you pick needs to be full of sun, sound, well-drained soil, and room for several plants to be planted. Also, the soil needs t to be tested for acidic soil as the blueberry plants tend to like. If not, the area can be made acidic with the correct fertilizer.

You must fertilize the area for seed with the correct fertilizer that can help make it more acidic. It should also be watered when the seed is added. After the seed is planted, it should be watered every day until it reaches a healthy size. Plants that are to be added must have a hole dug that is twice the size of the root ball. Also, it must be fertilized and watered after planting the plant. It would be best if you were trimming while the plant is dormant and promoting its growth, making better fruit when it is mature. This plant is best pollinated with many similar plants surrounding it. It should be planted in nice neat rows to promote the best pollination.

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