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Fruit Tree Tips and Information to Know

When it comes to our fruit trees, nature provides us a bounty, and when we’re not looking, we take it right back.

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Several adversaries are out there - birds, deer, insects, the neighbor’s kids, and the weather. You can’t take the whole fruit or branches on at once, but you can be preventative in making sure you enjoy the lion’s share of your wonderful fruit trees.

Before you worry about anything happening to your fruit trees, practice good pruning. Cutting back fruit trees that hang over fences and rooftops keeps the four-legged critters away and also promotes healthy growth for your tree.

You can purchase netting from your local nursery, but sometimes this doesn’t help. With more giant trees, birds may be able to eat from the tops of the fruit trees. A better solution is to use shiny objects in the tree to reflect light and create noise; this will generally scare the birds. A neighbor of mine placed a bird bath and feeder across from his trees, and he’s had success with that method; providing an alternative to his fruit trees has worked well.

The time-honored tradition of letting the dogs run the yard seems to be the most popular when it comes to these furry little guys. However, if you visit your local nursery, you’ll find that they sell a plastic mesh that you can place around the base of the tree that discourages them from climbing.

Insects are entirely different; you need to have about three different types of spray throughout the year. It is where your nursery comes in handy because they can show you which products work best, the best time of year to apply them and how to mix them. Remember always to read the instructions carefully to make sure that accidents don’t happen while you’re working with your trees. I once accidentally picked up a concentrated version of a spray. I generally purchased as mixed ready-to-go from the bottle; my poor little tree didn’t stand a chance and died in 3 days, so be sure to read the label and consult your nursery before applying any chemicals.

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