False Indigo Bush - Care and Growth

The False Indigo Bush is another great wildflower. It is a perennial and will come back year after year. 

This wildflower also has some great medicinal uses. This plant was used by Native Americans for several health problems. 

It was used as an eye wash, a natural laxative, to treat nausea and for toothaches. This plant has also been used in pipes and smokes by early American Settlers. This plant has also been dried and used as a tea by Native Americans. This plant has also been used as a dye for material.

This plant is a great one to use as a ground cover on those bare spots and will also help with soil erosion. This is a great plant if you want to attract wildlife to your garden or lawn. It will attract birds and also other small wildlife. This plant will grow to be very thick and will give smaller wildlife a great place to hide and seek protection from predators.

This wildflower shrub can grow to be as high as 10 feet tall. It can grow almost anywhere because it is a very hardy plant. It will also grow very fast and will look beautiful in a natural area. You can purchase this great plant at an online nursery.

You will receive this plant in healthy condition, and it will be ready to plant into that natural area or flower garden. This plant will also grow well in wetland areas where the soil is very moist.

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Chinese Snowball Bush - TN Nursery

Chinese Snowball Bush

Chinese Snowball Bush is a popular ornamental shrub in landscaping due to its striking appearance and various benefits to outdoor spaces. Native to China, this deciduous shrub belongs to the Caprifoliaceae family and can reach a height of up to 12 feet with an equal spread. When used in landscaping, it offers several advantages that enhance the aesthetics and functionality of the environment. Understanding the Chinese Snowball Bush The Chinese snowball bush is an extravagant deciduous flowering plant that can reach 20 feet wide and 25 feet tall. These plants grow to their largest size in warmer climates. While its scientific name is Viburnum macrocephalum, its common name is derived from the rounded, eight-inch blooms that grow from April to June. The flowers that grow on it quickly turn white after blooming. In the beginning, however, they're lime green in color. The Blooms Of The Chinese Snowball Bush The infertile flowers on these shrubs mainly grow in the spring but can produce a full bloom during the fall. From the moment they bloom to the time they turn white, the flowers are sterile and don't have a fragrance, which is unique compared to other viburnums. While most of these shrubs don't produce fruit, a specific variety combines fertile and sterile florets that may accommodate fruit growth. Even though the rest of the plant's foliage remains dark green throughout the spring and summer, the oval leaves turn a pleasant shade of burgundy once the fall arrives. From late April to the end of May, Chinese Snowball Bush offers significant cuts that can be placed in vases. The buds of these white flowers can remain intact for weeks or months. The Viburnaceae family consists of many plants. Of these varieties, they have the most giant flowers. Primary Plant Characteristics Of Chinese Snowball Bush The main characteristics of them include the following: Dark green leaves with serrated margins Rounded chartreuse blooms Pubescent stems Resists deer but attracts birds and butterflies Leaves are one to two inches wide and two to four inches long. Undersides of leaves have unique star-like hairs. Semi-evergreen in nature Relatively coarse texture Tolerant of pruning The entire plant grows with a rounded or vase-like shape.

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