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Evergreen Benefits in Gardens


TN Nurseries best selling evergreen shrubs

1. Privets

2. Spice bush

Evergreen Shrubs are the Foundation of a Beautiful Garden

A garden for all seasons requires evergreen shrubs. Evergreens stay green consistently through the winter and fall, improving your garden's appearance in the dead of winter. They have a range of hardy zones and various soil types. Evergreen shrubs are perfect for borders and hedges. Some have a mature height and width of 15 feet high and 15 feet wide, and the smaller varieties have a mature height and width of 2-3 feet wide and 2-3 feet high. The size range provides flexibility when planning your garden. Boxwood, Hemlock, Azalea Formosa, Camellia, Juniper, and Arborvitae are some of the evergreen shrubs available.

Most evergreen shrubs grow in acidic, sandy, loamy, moist, and well-drained soil. This wide range of soil types makes choosing the suitable evergreen shrub for your garden area easy. Most varieties will grow in all most any type of soil. An exception is the Formosa Azalea; it prefers acidic, well-drained, moist soil. The Formosa Azalea produces beautiful magenta flowers. The bloom season is spring, and the bloom size is 3-inch flowers.

Another flowering evergreen is Camellia, and it grows in acidic, sandy, loamy, moist, and well-drained soil. Camellia is available in different varieties and can have a spring, summer, or fall bloom season, depending on the plant. The bloom size also depends on the type of Camellia, varying from 3 inches to 6 inches.

Evergreen shrubs have a range of hardy growing zones. Boxwood Juniper Arborvitae and Hemlock's hardy zone falls in the 3-9 range depending on the specific type of evergreen shrub. Check the information on the specific plant for accurate hardy growing zones information. Planting instructions will give the plant's hardy zones, soil type, and sun requirements. Planting instructions help choose the right plant for your garden, and they can make the difference between a lush garden and a sickly garden.

Create the appearance of an old English Manor garden with Boxwood. Boxwood is perfect for privacy. It is a slow-growing plant, but it is worth the wait. At maturity, this shrub will grow into a 15-foot privacy fence. Hemlock is also great for privacy; it reaches a mature height of 6 feet and grows slightly faster than Boxwood.

Arborvitae is a smaller shrub that can be used for low hedges. It is perfect for outlining a garden. Juniper is a sprawling shrub; it is never more than 12 inches high and makes a beautiful year-round ground cover. Camilla and Formosa

Azaleas add color during the blooming season and greenery year-round. With careful selection and planning, evergreen shrubs will add decoration and beauty to your garden. They are easy to maintain, attractive, and functional. Display the vibrant colors of your garden in spring, summer, and fall with the background of beautiful evergreens.

Appreciate the greener and privacy of evergreen hedges in the cold winter months, and during the holiday season, enjoy decorations made from evergreens. Use evergreens for the foundation of a beautiful garden.