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Thursday, March 10

Dutch Landscaping

Some of the prettiest and best-loved flowers are used in Dutch gardens.

Tulips are perhaps the most well-known. Narcissus are famous as well.

Calla lilies, though less known, are indeed extraordinarily shaped flowers.

Besides being known for their tulips, Dutch gardens are known for efficiently using light and space. Part of this undoubtedly comes from living in a densely populated area. So, the Dutch have used this "problem" to their advantage in their creative and wise use of space. Think about this if you have a tiny plot behind your home or apartment or only have a balcony-sized garden. How can you use the problem of small space to inspire you to use every available option wisely to create a Garden of Eden where you live? Narcissus, also known as daffodils, are available in our online plant nursery.

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