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Apricot Trees

The Advantages of Fruiting Apricot Trees

Perfectly ripened apricots plucked fresh from apricot trees are among the most delicious fruits. Unfortunately, apricots do not ripen well after picking, and ripe apricots do not ship well, and thus supermarket purchases of fresh apricots are invariably disappointing. The simplest way to obtain perfectly ripened apricots is to grow your own. In addition to enjoying fresh fruit, home-grown apricots can be turned into delicious jam and enjoyed in dozens of recipes.

To grow your apricots, you need to plant some fruiting apricot trees. These trees can be used for landscaping, shade, and fruit; full-size trees mature to around 20 feet tall and wide, semi-dwarfs at 15 feet, and dwarfs at 6 feet. The trees have lovely dark green foliage and produce large amounts of pale violet flowers very early in the spring. 

Fruiting apricots are suitable for the bees, providing nectar before most other plants flower

Fruiting apricots are native to western China and have been grown in the Middle East for thousands of years. Plant breeders have produced several cultivars that thrive in USDA Hardiness Zones 4 to 9. They are self-fertilizing, so one tree is sufficient to produce fruit. They start producing fruit as young as two years of age. A mature dwarf tree can produce 50 pounds of delicious fruit yearly, and a mature full-size tree can produce 200 pounds yearly.

Fruiting apricots need sunlight and not much else to thrive 

They are drought-tolerant and rarely need to be watered. You can transplant a young apricot tree in early spring or late fall while it is dormant. You can even grow the dwarf trees in pots on your patio or balcony if you are short on space. In no time, you will be enjoying delicious, sun-ripened apricots plucked from your trees.

Apricot Fruit Tree - TN Nursery

Apricot Fruit Tree

Apricot fruit trees produce small, round to oval-shaped, orange to yellow fruits, often with a sweet and slightly tart flavor and are characterized by their serrated leaves and attractive pink or white blossoms in spring. It offers various benefits when integrated into landscaping projects, enhancing outdoor spaces' visual aesthetics, functional attributes, and overall charm. Apricot Fruit Trees Apricot Fruit Tree can be an excellent addition to any yard if you're looking for larger plants that will occupy more space and add something grander to your layout. It is especially desirable. Let's take a closer look at some of the benefits that make them so appealing to many today. Apricot Fruit Tree Offer Gorgeous Blossoms Every Spring They are well-known for their stunning blossoms that make an appearance in the early spring. These blossoms can be best described as ranging from a light pink to a deeper pink, with delicate petals and yellow stamens producing an eye-catching spectacle. If you love fruit tree blossoms and want to make sure they're featured prominently in your yard, growing them is an excellent way to add something amazing you can look forward to seeing every year. Apricot Fruit Tree Offer Additional Shade for Other Plants Many of your plants may require reprieve from the sunlight, and they can be a great source of shade for these plants. With strong foliage and an abundance of blossoms, yours can shield your other plants from the intense sun throughout the day. Just remember that yours will need a lot of water and nutrition to keep themselves strong! Apricot Fruit Tree Offers Tantalizing Aroma Throughout the Year Plants are natural marvels that appeal to several of our senses. Speaking to them, their blossoms are visually appealing, but do they smell good, too? Absolutely! Their aroma is described as clean yet somewhat spiced, which is sure to blend in well with most of the other plants in your outdoor spaces. Once the plant yields fruit, you'll have that wonderful aroma driving through your yard that you can look forward to as well. They offer an aromatic gift that keeps on giving throughout multiple seasons. Apricot Fruit Tree Offer Improved Biodiversity If you're someone who cares deeply about biodiversity and attracting pollinators to your yard, you'll be pleased to introduce them to your space. These much larger plants will offer food for local wildlife, diversify the types of plants growing in your yard, and attract bees, birds, butterflies, and beyond!

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