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Alabama Supplejack Vines - Planting

Alabama Supplejack

If you are looking for vines to cover those old buildings on your property, this is a great one for that. It is very slow growing and will look beautiful. 

This vine is also a great hiding area for small wildlife. Once this vine takes off, it will grow well and make wonderful places for wildlife such as birds to hide in. This vine is great to plant because birds will love to eat the berries that it will produce. It will be great for someone that loves to watch birds. You can also train this vine to grow where you want it too.

You can tie this vine to a trellis or wrap it around nails on the side of your old building, and it will grow in the way you train it to. This vine will provide your old buildings with a very natural look. It will also give you beautiful white blooms to enjoy, and wildlife will also feed off of the blooms and berries that it will produce.

You can find out a lot of information from this online plant and tree nursery. They will provide you with planting information regarding soil conditions and light requirements for this vine. You will also be sure when you order this vine through this nursery that you will receive healthy vines to plant, and they will be ready when they arrive at your door.

This vine is also a great perennial and will grow back year after year and will also give you thick and beautiful green foliage when grown.

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