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Best-Selling Plants at Tennessee Wholesale Nursery 

Enhancing the appearance of house, garden, and landscape does wonders for a property at a reasonable cost. Tennessee Wholesale Nursery offers a wide variety of flora that not only improve the looks of a yard and home but also increase biodiversity and environmental sustainability.


Best Selling Trees Offered From Tennessee Wholesale Nursery



 Few people want to know about the soil when they buy a property other than to confirm it is not contaminated. Yet the class and quality of earth largely determine what will grow there. As a consequence, those shopping for particular trees to plant often look for species that adapt to many soil varieties. The Autumn Blaze Maple, for example, grows quickly and brilliantly in many different terrains. The Loblolly Pine is dominant in the southern United States but actually will thrive wherever soils have sufficient moisture, acidity, and drainage. Homeowners who like to watch wildlife will understand why the Loblolly is among the best selling plants in that it serves as a food source and cover for all manner of bird and squirrel. 





 Shrubs are the best selling plants due to their many advantages. For one thing, they are agents of energy conservation, affording the house shade in the hot months of summer and buffering the frigid winds of winter. They also catch dust, pollution, and resist soil erosion from wind and water. Shrubs like Witch Hazel and Hydrangea beautify a yard and require little maintenance. Those like Regal Privet Hedges and Maple Leaf Viburnum convey both beauty and privacy.


Evergreen Conifers



 Holding onto their foliage throughout the year, evergreen conifers trees stand guard against the assault of wind--in addition to the dust and debris it carries--to not only protect the structure from the chill but also to retain moisture in the soil. They also host wildlife and are excellent shields against prying eyes. They come in all sizes and shapes from the abundant, full-bodied Ponderosa Pine to less imposing privet hedges.


Tree Seedlings



 Planting tree seedlings is best done according to the United States Department of Agriculture's Hardiness Zone Map. These zones are based on temperature and weather tolerances for all kinds of vegetation. Zone 6a, for instance, can plummet to--sometimes--10 degrees below zero Fahrenheit. Tulip Poplar or Sugar Maple seedlings might be an excellent choice to plant in this geographic area. 


Berry Plants



 The antioxidant and health benefits of berries are well-documented. In addition to enjoying the taste and nutrients of blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, and the like, planters are now learning that the leaves of these best-selling plants have great medicinal potential as well.


Garden Moss



 Many varieties of moss can appear as lush and green as a well-preserved lawn. While doing so, mosses inhibit erosion, filter metals from water, and, consequently, preserve clean water for later use.


 Tennessee Wholesale Nursery also offers specialty plants, ground covers, ferns and flora attracting birds and other wildlife. These all add aesthetic value to a property and enjoyment to its residents.

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