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Ferns Under 3 Feet

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Ferns Under 3 Feet are very affordable

Are you wondering where to buy small ferns for your home or garden? If so, you’re in the right place. We’ve got a vast range of smaller ferns that will stay under three feet in height even when they reach maturity. Even better, we’ve got an excellent selection of smaller ferns to suit every US zone.

Small ferns for your zone
When most gardeners think of ferns, they imagine all ferns require temperate weather and moist conditions. But while many (but not all) ferns prefer wet conditions, they can grow in every USDA hardiness zone represented throughout the US. Yes, you read that right — we have a selection of ferns that will grow well from region three up to area 11. We even have some drought-tolerant ferns that remain under 3 ft at maturity.

Ferns Under 3 Feet are great for the home and garden

Ferns are incredibly versatile plants. They can grow in moist or dry conditions. Some can grow without soil. Many can grow in the sun or shade. And they can grow in cold climates and warm climates.

Importantly, smaller ferns can be planted in the ground, garden beds and containers. And that makes them perfect for both your garden and your home. Why not create a fern garden with a variety of ferns and moss species in your yard and put greenery on your kitchen bench or in your bathroom as well.

Ferns Under 3 Feet should be picked out according to climate and zone

Pro tip:
Because ferns are so diverse, there is bound to be at least one fern to suit every area of your garden. As a result, we recommend you decide where you want to plant your new greenery and then choose a species or variety based on the conditions in that area.

So if you want to grab a fantastic deal on a fern for a smaller space, our under-3-feet ferns may be small, but they’re big on character. Buy yours today from $5.99.