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Moss For Shade

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Affordable shade moss

Moss makes a beautiful addition to any shady garden. It’s lush and green and when planted en-mass it looks absolutely stunning. And even better yet, you can grow moss in locations where you can’t grow most other plants — on hard surfaces. Moss really does look great on rocks and logs and other hard landscaping pieces.

Shade moss also offers many practical advantages when you’re looking for plants for a shady location:

1. Moss helps prevent soil erosion

Every time it rains, bare soil washes off your property. The same happens when it’s windy. It’s not always easy to find a living ground cover that will suit a shady location but shade-loving moss is a sure bet that will cover your soil and help prevent soil erosion.

2. Shade moss is versatile

If you’re building your garden to suit a particular garden style, you might find yourself stuck for shade-loving plants that fit with your chosen style. Thankfully, shade-loving moss can work with pretty much any plant in any landscape style.

3. Shade moss works really well in terrariums

Terrariums are a popular choice for easy-care indoor gardens. If you’re keen to build your own little indoor ‘oasis in a jar’, then shade moss could be a prime candidate for the understory.

4. Moss is an incredibly easy-to-grow, easy-to-maintain ground cover in any shady location

Shade moss is one of those plants that you pretty much just have to ‘set and forget’. Once you’ve laid it out where you want it, it will pretty much look after itself. If you live in a really dry area, you may just have to give it some supplemental water every now and then but you can always install an automatic mist irrigation system for that.

So if you want to grab a fantastic deal on some moss for your shady garden, our shade moss is super hardy and oh so beautiful. Buy yours today from $4.99.