Trees are often referred to as "The Planet's Lungs"

Trees not only improve the environment but also clean the atmosphere and provide stabilization to the soil as well as being aesthetically pleasing. Trees improve a home's value of upto 17% and help reduce energy costs in the warm season months.

Trees Play a Vital Role in the Ecosystem


TN Nursery cares about trees, and our love for them is apparent in every order we send out to our customers. Why do our staffers care so much about them?


Of course, trees can beautify any area in your backyard, a rural area, or a cityscape. They even become a point of civic pride in cities or suburban areas.


With seventy years of nursery industry experience, we know trees are essential in creating a more sustainable world and a healthful local ecosystem. Not only do they add beauty, shade, and style to your landscape, but they also improve the environment.


Here are a few ways that trees can help build a cleaner future:


Trees Purify the Air


We first recognize how trees can cleanse the air of pollution and toxins. They serve as Mother Nature's filtration system. During a process called photosynthesis, trees intake small particles of harmful carbon dioxide and then release oxygen back into the atmosphere.


This cleansing effect can help reduce smog, smoke particles, and other pollutants, which is why many urban planners include trees and green spaces in modern city planning.


Trees Reduce Energy Consumption in Hotter Climates


In hot climates--or even during the summer in moderate zones--trees can help people tap the temperature on the thermostat by a couple of degrees. As a result, you cut down on air conditioning costs and energy consumption.


That's because a well-placed tree can shade your dwelling by even as much as ten degrees. Therefore, the need to run your a/c unit reduces. Those people with trees too far from their homes to benefit from this phenomenon can still enjoy the cooling impact by heading outdoors and relaxing al fresco under a shady canopy.


Trees Buffer Environmental Noises


Planting shrubs or trees can have a positive impact that surprises many--creating a natural noise buffer. Leafy canopies can interrupt the projection of sound waves, thus making them less noisy.


That can reduce the need for artificial noise barriers that do not have any other beneficial impact and can actually detract from the good looks of the community.


Trees Improve Soil Quality


Growing trees will also improve soil quality in multiple ways. Within a short time, they will grow vigorous roots, which helps to decrease soil compaction under the earth while also increasing water and nutrient absorption. They will also shed leaves, bark, fruits, or other organic elements that release natural nutrients into the soil.


TN Nursery Is Your Source for Healthy Plants


We are your source for many types: evergreens, fruit and nut, pines, oaks, and flowering trees. When you shop with TN Nursery, you get our expertise and dedication to plant health and quality. We are confident you will be a customer for life.

Tn Nurseries Best Selling Trees

1. Red Maple Trees

2. Silver Maple Trees

3. Redbud

4. Oaks Trees

5. Mulberry


The environment is essential, but trees are also important because they provide shade for hot days, fresh oxygen for the environment, and much more.



  • Added Curb Appeal: There's a reason why many real estate listings include descriptions of mature trees. Not only do they offer better curb appeal, but they are a highly coveted part of purchasing a home or business.
  • Lowered Utility Costs: As you already know, planting suitable trees around your property can increase the amount of shade in the summer months. Sometimes, this can help keep your building cooler and reduce the need for air conditioning, lowering your energy bill.
  • Greater Sense of Privacy: Trees are some of the best privacy screens you can add to your property. Suppose you don't like staring at your neighbors; plant a tree or several to act as a visual block.
  • Protection for Local Wildlife: Another benefit of planting trees is that it protects the local wildlife. Just think about all the birds, squirrels, insects, and even bees happy to use your new tree as a habitat.
  • Better Air Quality for Your Community: The easiest way to improve the air quality in your neighborhood is by planting a tree. While it might seem like one or two people taking action in this manner might not make a big difference, it can be a huge deal when the whole community does.


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