Red Weigela

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Bloom Season
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Red, Pink,
Bloom Color
Red, Pink,
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Full Sun, Sun And Shade,
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Flower Gardens And Beds, Flowering,
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Red Weigela Description

Red Weigela Shrub- 2-3'in Height

Red Weigela - Weigela Florida - is one of the several variants of Weigela and a type that made Weigelas a name to reckon with.

This Shrub is an oval-shaped multi-stemmed deciduous shrub that is lush and upright, showcasing its stunning red tubular blooms against dark green foliage. It is best known by the names Red Prince and Sonic Bloom. It is also referred to as the cultivator of Weigela, Florida, in certain places. 

This Shrub blooms with lipstick-red flowers from late spring until early summer, followed by waves of reblooming until frost but with fewer flowers. For continuous bloom, there is no need to deadhead. If you deem it necessary to prune your Shrub, do it as soon as the spring bloom appears. Weigela is a beautiful choice for your yard, with a beautiful arching habit that serves as an anchor for vast beds.

Native to Eastern Asia, it develops at a moderate pace, reaching a height and width of up to 4-5 feet. Even though the Shrub may withstand little shade, it will blossom more profusely in full sun. It attracts hummingbirds, butterflies, and bees because of its beautiful color and excellent nectar. When the flowers are in bloom, the hummingbirds are in their bliss. Even though the Shrub is adaptable to other soil types, it prefers well-drained soils.

It is capable of blooming flowers on both new and old wood. If necessary, you should fertilize it in early spring with a slow-release fertilizer made specifically for the Shrub. Using this fertilizer, you can assure that your Shrub is always well-nourished and that the next rebloom will occur. 

 This Shrub is regarded as a low-maintenance shrub so that you can take pleasure in its attractive characteristics without having to devote a lot of time and effort to it. During the initial wave of spring blossoms, many people mistake this deciduous Shrub for an Azalea or Rhododendron. 

There are many ways you may use this attractive plant in landscape designs. You may use it as an ornamental hedge or foundation planting, as an eye-catching focal point in your garden, as part of a decorative shrub border, or as an attractive background to a perennial garden. It's also used as an excellent container plant.

No matter where you put this Shrub, it'll be a splash of vibrant color. This plant needs a lot of space to spread out. Hence, to avoid an unattractive and packed area that halts the development of your Shrub once it has reached maturity, you need to choose a location with plenty of open space. They are generally hardy, so it is advised that you opt for an area protected from cold north winds since it helps reduce winter damage.


Red Weigelia Shrubs have abundant clusters of spring flowers and easy maintenance; this showy Shrub is a must-have for any garden

Red Weigelia Shrub is an Intensely Scarlet, Trumpet-Shaped Blooming Shrub

This Shrub is a shrub that takes its name from the stunning red flowers of its leaves. These funnel-shaped red flowers bloom twice a year in late spring and summer. Unlike many other flowers, these blooms maintain radiance throughout their life cycle.

It is a perfect fit for a yard that needs a bold pop of color and is sure to catch the attention of all who witness it. The bright red bulbs will pop against their lush green leaves and bring curious hummingbirds to the scene. It is best suited for the sun, which can catch the light and perfectly accent its colors. It is a hardy deciduous shrub;

 This Shrub attracts Wildlife such as hummingbirds and other pollinator animals with its deep red blooms. This Shrub has a deep dark green with purple leaves to cover the woody stems. It grows best in loamy soils that stay moist but not wet.

Red Weigelia Shrub is Excellent for Attracting Hummingbirds

This Shrub, a large family of shrubs native to East Asia, is prized for its intensely scarlet, trumpet-shaped blooms. The Shrub flowers make the Weigela an excellent shrub for attracting hummingbirds. When the bushes plant together, they make a uniquely beautiful hedge.

These Shrubs are also lovely planted in groups or as a border. It should plant in an area where it gets full sun for the best flowers and foliage, though it can stand a little bit of shade. This Shrub should have an average amount of water, which for this plant means a deep and thorough watering once a week.

The Shrub may need more if planted in a hot, dry area or where the soil drains quickly. Though the best land for this Shrub is well-drained soil, it can tolerate soil that's heavy and clayey. This Shrub is a moderately fast-growing shrub and does not need that much maintenance, though it needs protection from cold winds that blow in from the north.

This Shrub only needs to be fertilized once in early spring before the flowers bloom. It would help if you pruned this Shrub right after the flowers fade; The Red Weigelia Shrub flowers appear from April to June; some bushes have a late flowering in late summer or early fall.

One attribute that makes gardeners love the red Weigela is that its flowers retain their fiery red throughout the season and do not fade. The 4 1/2 inch long leaves are oval in shape and medium green. Another reason why the red Weigela is popular is that it is somewhat pest and disease-resistant. 

They are an immensely showy type of flower that works quite well when a person wants to quickly bring out a landscape's natural beauty. They also require no pruning unless you desire to shape them. When other plants only bloom once a year, this plant will bloom twice a year. The blooms can last longer than other plants;

It can do well in many soil types; The Red Florida shrub is a naturally growing deciduous shrub. This Shrub blooms in beautiful red; bell-shaped flowers are known to attract hummingbirds, bees, and butterflies while keeping away deer. They grow best in late spring and early summer, repeating their blooms once again in the late summer, Meaning they have two seasons of bloom each year!

Their recommended soil type is either average, fertile, or well-drained, and they require periods of deep weekly watering or more, if they are in extreme heat, until they begin to establish themselves.

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    Red Weigela

    Posted by Emily Douglas on Jan 23, 2022

    A stunning shrub as it flourish and accents its color to its green leaves. So excited for more blooms in springtime.

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    Great place to order from beautiful plants

    Posted by Lisa Irwin on Dec 23, 2020

    It turned out absolutely beautiful just like the picture bloomed beautifully I definitely recommend ordering from this website

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    Weigelia Shrubs

    Posted by Phil Jenkings on Aug 27, 2019

    The shipping was fast and the packaging was great.

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    Weigelia Shrubs

    Posted by Lucille Arnold on Aug 23, 2019

    lovely blooms looks great in my yard

  • 5
    Weigelia Shrubs

    Posted by Robert Patton on Aug 21, 2019

    gorgeous I get a lot of compliments on these they look like they were made for my yard!


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